You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.

— James Allen

Earth Log February 2010

by Celia Fenn

The Big Acceleration…the Big Hiatus…..and an Owl Story… In the past two months we have certainly experienced a huge acceleration in the energy of the Earth that is accelerating our evolutionary processes at a phenomenal rate. This acceleration has been due to two Cosmic factors operating in our Galaxy and Solar System. Firstly, at the end of December and into January we experienced a series of powerful eclipses and lunar events, and secondly, the Sun has ended its Solar Minimum and has once again erupted into life, sending solar flares and magnetic storm energy into the Earth’s atmosphere.

As we know by now, we are all inter-connected, and these impulses or messages from the solar system are encoded light impulses that guide our evolution by “upgrading” us to the new levels of Cosmic harmonic frequency in our multi-dimensional reality. At this point, after a longish period of relative stability in the Solar Minimum, we are once again on the rollercoaster of energy ups and downs as we seek to stabilize into the newly accelerated field of energy in which we find ourselves. Speaking for myself, I have certainly been feeling the nausea that goes with what I call “evolutionary motion sickness”. Physically, it is a result of the increased stimulation of the Pineal Gland as a result of the increased light energy. This increased stimulation is impulsed along the nervous system creating pressure on the nervous system which is felt physically as nausea and dizziness, and on the emotional and mental levels as anxiety, stress, irritability and depression, depending on how your system reacts to such stimuli.

So, many of you might be feeling the return of such symptoms or the increase in such symptoms. This is not helped by the “balancing” factor that is going with this acceleration, a Hiatus or big “gap” in which our Collective Being strives to regain its balance. This means that individually we might find that our lives grind to a halt in some way. Things break down, relationships break down or have to be changed. We are in that phase when we are catching up with our own evolution! Everything that wasn’t working too well and needed to be changed will be changed now. And nothing will really be able to move forward until this balance is achieved. And this will not be until the March Equinox, when the Earth will bring herself into a state of Balance and Harmony once again. Until then, we will be riding the magnetic waves of our own evolution.

How best to do this? Well, the pressure will certainly be on. I have found that here at home in South Africa there is a huge amount of tension. The economic crisis has by no means been solved down here and people are living with increasing economic pressure. Food has become increasingly expensive in a country that is a food producer. Food is more expensive in general here than in Europe, where I was recently. In addition, since Europe closed it borders to Africa, there has been a flood of refugees to South Africa, and now apart from the impoverished local population we now have Nigerians, Congolese, Somalians, Malawians, Mozambiquans and Zimbabwians, many with superior educations and work skills to those found here in South Africa. A receipe for conflict that is already manifesting in unrest, which in this country means rioting and burning things. Times are hard here. I think it is not really much better anywhere else. As a Human Collective we have not solved our Economic problems and we have yet to design and implement something that works. No wonder we are getting overload from the higher realms. We have to get off our Collective butts and do some thing to manifest a new era and a new way of living.

Of course, at this point we tend to say “but how”, because it all seems like something that is in the hands of the so-called “dark” forces, the banks and the governments and the big corporations. But, we have been conditioned to think that we can do nothing except through these channels. It is time to Wake Up and realize that we are powerful. I have recently been researching Eco Communities as part of the “Biosphere Project” that Archangel Michael asked me to work on. I came across the Tamera community in Portugal. Their project is a “Peace Community” that is serving as a model for future communties. At first, I was sceptical, but as I read their work I was impressed. They have many years experience, and they discovered that new forms of collective living and new ideas all broke down because of the “human factor”. Human behavior was not compatible with the new energy. Emotions such a greed, ambition, ownership and insensitivity caused the collapse of the best of projects. I can agree with that, in my experience recently I have found that in Group Dynamic situations often people are so fixated on what they want to achieve that they cannot hear anyone else or see any point of view other than their own. So, yes, the Big Evolutionary shift starts with US!

Of course, if you are reading this you probably know this already. You have read it so many times in so many ways. You create your own Reality! Well yes, you do, but you also Co-create the Collective reality with a whole bunch of other beings on all sorts of levels. And, if you are so involved with your own point of view and opinions, then you are unlikely to be able to hear or feel the desires and needs of others, even when they are expressed to you.

As we move into the next level of our evolution, the key energy will be CO-CREATION! Working with others to manifest a new reality and being able to hear them and listen to them and accept their point of view. And more, to modify our point of view to include theirs, without losing our integrity of being. But this will become easier as we see others in the energy of Love, as Beings seeking to Create from their own desires and to create Peace and Harmony as their soul would wish. In this reality we will perceive that although we are the Creators of our own Reality, we are Co-Creators, and that we are not responsible for the choices of those with whom we co-create. Instead of spending much time in psychoanlysis and “working on ourselves” to find out what darkness we have, or they have so that we attracted them, maybe it would be better just to make a new choice and begin a new creation with souls whose energy is more compatible with what we wish to achieve. Releasing and moving on are options that allow us the freedom to keep moving and creating in this accelerated reality of Flow and Movement and Creation. The more we focus on darkness, the more we will find. The more we focus on the Light, the more we will find. Where attention goes, energy flows!

One of the things I have realized recently is that we really are in the 21st century. 20th century forms of wisdom and spirituality only take us so far, and then we have to find new ways and new paths. And that starts with us and our new gifts of empathy and telepathy. Many of you might say, but I am not empathic and telepathic. Yes you are. You just are not using it because you prefer the old twentieth century ways of being…the talking and the demanding and the grabbing… place of the ability to intuit and feel and choose. So simple really.

Ok….so on to the bit about Owls. This is just to show that on some level things are changing for the better. Last night I was still sitting on my bed at 1 am with my computer working, when I heard a strange sound, a call. I thought it was a human for a moment and I listened, and then I realized it was the hoot of an owl in my garden. I have not heard that sound for many years. When I first came to live here about 13 years ago, there were owls living in the area and at this time of the year their calls were common at night. Then, urban development took over, and the owls disappeared from my reality and my garden that was once filled with elementals and all sorts of insect life became barren and empty like most city gardens. So, to hear the owls once again was such a blessing! It says that the elemental energy is returning and that those on the other dimensions are working with us to ensure that we evolve into the New Earth as was promised to us when we began this Journey!

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