Spirituality can be found in a simple loving smile, act of kindness, scent of a flower. Spirituality is you, it’s everyone, it’s everything.

— lightworkers.org

April 6th – Message from the Galactic Federation of Light

So let go what does not serve your highest good and focus on the things in life that bring you joy, but that also raise your vibration to levels that will see you ascend into the higher realms with the others around you who have made this same choice.

Holding some of you back are habits and tendencies and ways that you have chosen to live your lives, and we say to you has the time not come to release all of these limiting qualities that do not any longer serve you on your journey.

We are not here to tell you how to live your lives. We are here to show you that there is another way and opportunities that present themselves to you. That is why we are here, and we will not overstep our bounds in this way and preach to you that you must follow the path that we have chosen.

We will only lead humbly by example, so as to allow those of you who wish for a new beginning and a new way to be able to find this path if this is what you wish.

All along your journey there have been those who have traveled ahead, and they have many times left clues for you to recognize, to allow you to follow if you wish in their footsteps just as they were able to follow footsteps left on the path before them. No one has pushed us to follow a certain trail.

This is something that each of us has decided for ourselves. We extend the same rights to you, and we say to you that you are entirely free to follow any path that you choose. We only wish to show you a path we have chosen, and this path has brought us to where we are today.

Your journeys have brought you to the point where you are now more clearly interacting and communicating with us of the higher realms, and we say to you this has been made possible through the choices that you have made all along your journey. We have not unduly interfered with your decision-making up till now, and we will not unduly influence your decision-making today or anytime in your future.

We only tell you that the choices you have made have brought you to the doorstep of the home in which we live, and we say to you one more step through this threshold will deliver you into the kingdom we call home.

Many of you at this time are making the choices you feel will direct you to new experiences of a higher nature, and we say to you making these types of choices will never serve you wrong and will guide you along the path that will lead you to the higher experiences that you seek.

If it is higher experience that you seek, we tell you they do exist and they are here on our side waiting for you to make the choices that will allow them to become your reality. They only wait for your arrival. They only wait for you to take the next turn on your path. They will be there waiting for you.

What these experiences will be shall make themselves known to some of you even before they come into view. Not all of these experiences will be a complete surprise, as many of you are beginning to reach an understanding of what awaits you just up ahead.

We at times paint a picture for you to give you some idea of where some of your choices will lead and we do that out of love, for we wish for you to have all the information necessary for you to make your choices that will lead you just where it is you wish to be.

We do not wish for you to journey through uncharted territory without your map and compass. We instead will furnish you with all the navigational tools you will need to make informed choices all along your journey. You may do what you wish with these tools, and we only make them available to you if you wish to use them, to help guide you along your path.

If you travel by star or travel by trail there will be tools available to you to assist you with your navigation. Use these tools freely and use these tools wisely, for they will help guide you along.

Along your route you will meet many others who are navigating their way through the twists and the turns of existence. We say to you do not pass by each other like two ships in the night, but set anchor for a while and share with each other what each of you has learned that has brought you together at this point, and show them the navigational tools that you are using to guide you on your journey before you set sail again.

We see so many of you doing just this today, and it warms our hearts to see so many of you reaching out to each other in this way and sharing the maps that you have drawn through your experience. Remember these maps that others have shown you, for they may assist you in some way in your travels up ahead. There is always something new for you to learn, and you will never reach a point where you have learned all there is to know. There is no final port of destination for us as our journey is one of never ending wonder and experience, and we are free to continue our sail for an eternity.

Many of you today are reaching a new port of destination and will take on a new crew, and together you will embark on a new expedition through this magnificent universe. All along your journey you have from time to time joined a new crew to sail with. These are your friends and your family who have chosen to learn similar lessons and gain similar experiences such as the ones you have chosen.

There comes a point along our journeys where those who have been traveling with you choose different lessons and experiences, and it is at this point where you will choose to board different vessels and chart separate courses. You may meet these souls again up ahead on your journey, but it may be time to say farewell at least for now, as you have reached a point where different experiences are required for your advancement

You will meet new souls to journey with you who have made similar choices of what they wish to experience next, and you may even be reunited with some old friends and family who have missed you dearly.

Let those who now seek experiences that differ from you sail in their own direction, knowing that you can meet them again sometime up ahead, and know that you can always keep your memories of them close to your heart while you set your own course and sail on.

You have many new friends and new adventures waiting for you up ahead, and they only wait for you to weigh anchor and catch a new breeze within your sails

We are the Galactic Federation of Light


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