You make the world a better place by making yourself a better person.

— Scott Sorrell

The Good News about Ascension – Archangel Michael

Beloved masters, your deepest fears and doubts from all your past lifetimes have been stored away in your subconscious mind, as well as within memory cells throughout the physical body.

It is time for you to allow them to be transmuted back into pure Light substance, for they do not serve your greatest good.

You must begin to believe that you are a master who has earned the right to create beauty, abundance, peace, love and joy on the earthly plane; that your highest intention has always been to experience the material realms in a great diversity of ways, and then to integrate your human nature with your Spiritual nature so that you may share the vast wisdom you have gained during the process with those behind you on the Path.

Some of the stressful symptoms you are experiencing are a result of the accelerated transformation process you are now in the midst of, and are partially due to the fact that you are swiftly becoming multidimensional Beings. Be aware that you are shifting back and forth very quickly between several dimensions. Your Over Soul-Higher Self has been nudging you to pay more attention to your physical vessel, and there are important lessons to be learned from the symptoms you are experiencing.

It is of vital importance that you begin to listen to your Body Elemental (your deep unconscious mind), and follow your inner guidance as to what you need to do to come into balance, both within and without. Go into your personal Pyramid of Light and lie on the crystal table. Ask that your mental/emotional and physical bodies be brought into alignment, for your highest good, as you state, “Thy will be done.” We will join you there, and in aligning your will with the Creator Will, you thereby give us permission to assist you to return to wholeness so that you may proceed in the process of transformation.

See the Violet Fire of Transmutation blazing up around you, healing, balancing and perfecting–assisting you to return to wholeness. See the transforming Violet Flame and the Adamantine Particles of God-consciousness flowing throughout your body as you do the Infinity Breath. It is important that you stay relaxed and centered, for when you tense up or are in stress, it compounds any discordant symptoms you may be experiencing. It is also vitally important that you spend time in nature and connect with the Earth in order to stay grounded. Walk bare-footed in the grass or spend a few moments with your hands resting on a large tree if you can go to an area where the air is clean and not polluted.

Beloveds, we know that these are unsettling times for all of you, but we ask you to be brave of heart and bold of Spirit. All of you have an integral part to play, for you are among the vanguard of en-Lighten-ed Beings now walking the Earth. You all have made amazing progress over these past few years and the future is bright with promise. Remember, your cocreative abilities are increasing day-by-day, so it is vitally important that you stay centered within your Sacred Heart and focused on the Light. We honor you for your bravery and your steadfastness. We are ever near to guide, inspire and protect you, but mostly to love you.


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