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Starseeds and The Guardian Code Activations

Spiritual ‘downloads’ seem to come in two forms, one is a packet of encoded information and the other is an instant stream of information sent directly into your conscious mind. Its also possible that these instant downloads are simply old downloads which have been activated and decoded. Tonight is one of those nights, I sit here trying to get down the stream of information I received this evening while its all still fresh in my mind.

Ive been made aware of a particular energetic code within the DNA which I will call the Guardian Code Activation. This is interesting because as far as I can understand it at this time, this is something which has always been around but has recently been activated in many people around the planet in the last few days. This code seems to have been activated around the time of the Spring Equinox of 2012 with the new energies and astrological alignments around that time.

The Guardian Code is activated in many Starseeds and this will become apparent very soon if it has not been already to those who carry these codes in their Life Blueprint and or DNA. As I understand it this appears to be the activation of the mission for the role of a Guardianship for someone, this is the role of protection. This may be for someone you already know or someone you will meet very soon. The Guardian Code has been triggered in Starseeds, Indigos and Lightworkers to protect another person from harm, physical or spiritual but more likely this is on an energetic level for most concerned.

This Guardian role will usually involve shielding someone from psychic attack for instance, or any threat from negative forces or entities. Those chosen for these roles are literally switched on or ‘triggered’ into action, and this will likely be going on without much conscious awareness. The Starseeds that are in need of this extra support may well be from the same star system as the one who takes on the temporary Guardian role but this is not always the case, especially where various alliances are formed across different star nations.

In extreme cases multiple Guardians will be called on and activated to lend their strength and shield the more vulnerable person from harm, acting like sentinels anchoring specially configured multidimensional shields within the grid.

Why this is happening now I cant say though it makes sense, there feels like there is something very much at steak here, I believe we all have Guardians in physical and spiritual worlds but at certain points in our life extras are needed or sent in for particular reasons. Some of this work may be occurring while we sleep, those who are very conscious of this role, who may be reading this now may be actively shielding, fending off negative entities or cloaking another’s energy for their protection. Either way they will know what to do at the right time or will be doing it without even knowing.

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