Let Love Radiate Without Concern For Results.

— Uranda

Do not assume that there is nothing you can do

Michael channeled by Ron Head

Now we must discuss the effect your consciousness has on your surroundings. Everything in your world is affected by it. Your higher states of consciousness have even more effect than you have had previously. That is the reason you have been able to change things so rapidly.

Most people still do not realize these things, but enough now do to make purposeful change possible. Everything is energy. This is no longer news to you. All energy is conscious. This is a leap that many still have not made. All consciousness has effects on all other consciousness. Those effects may be large or small, but they are there nevertheless. Therefore, do not assume that there is nothing you can do. You are well past that mindset already. There is nothing upon which you can have no effect. The reason for that, apart from what we have already stated, is that your mind is capable of, and in fact already does, direct the effects we are discussing.

Those of you who are ‘awake’ are already playing in this field, some more, some less, but all are learning what is possible. As you begin to come together now into your soul groups, you are also beginning to see that one and one does not equal two in this frame of reference. Each additional intention-sharer increases the effect, increases the power of the intention… exponentially. This has been proven over and over by scientific studies. As in the normal course of events, this knowledge is finally starting to be recognized by a growing percentage of you soon to reach the tipping point.

You have made certain coming changes into inevitabilities now. We suggest you now make them into smooth and peaceful ones. Receive the light and love your Creator is gifting you with, dearest friends. Receive it consciously and direct it into your dreams for the future, a future which begins in the next moment. All the love and power of the universe is being directed into your ascension. Your success will no longer be trifled with. How this plays out in the weeks and months ahead is up to you. We are here only to support you. Godspeed, my dear hearts.


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