The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

— Walt Disney

You are Each Surrounded by Legions of The Family of Light – Melchizedek

Beloved Ones,

We wish to have discourse about the force of energies being directed to the atmosphere of the Earth during this period. These energies come to enable Humanity as a whole to move into a higher consciousness enmasse.

This will entail many months of preparation for these Ones, with many different ways of cleansing and purifying being brought to the surface through colds, flus and the like, along with the need to review their inner selves for a more honest look at what lies within them.

This can be unpleasant for many, as most people in these current Earth times are not used to scrutinizing their inner motives and facing the truth of all aspects of themselves.

It is most important that our Beloved Lightworkers work daily to send the energy of Love and acceptance to these Ones, for they do not have the knowledge of what is happening within them and this can be very confusing to them.

Picture the entire Planet being blanketed with a beautiful golden pink energy several times each day. This will be most helpful in the overall perspective and will keep a grounding balance as these activities manifest. We from the higher realms work with you in these practices and much good can be accomplished in helping Humanity move forward in preparedness for what lies ahead.

Each of you is in different stages of the releasing and letting go process and this will continue to occur. Call upon the Angelic realms to give you assistance with this process when you are in the throes of it and you will be enfolded with their loving energies and support as this takes place.

Listen to your inner guidance and act upon it when necessary. You will get clues to purchase a certain product that can help you in your process. You will be lead in your internet searches to the exact information that you need to help you in a current dilemma. These are the ways the Angelic realms can be of assistance to you but you must be aware and open to receive this information.

The energy of Love abounds everywhere and it is this which is the catalyst for the Awakening of the masses and the subsequent cleansing and purifying of that which it brings to the surface. Those who live by the Divine precepts which they now embody are being supported in miraculous ways.

By trusting in the Divine flow and standing in One’s Light, much good is being accomplished. The attributes of patience, kindness and goodness can be a stabilizing influence to those around you as they go through these difficult times and can make all the difference in their daily lives during these challenging times.

You are each encouraged and sustained in your daily labors for the Divine and you will continue to receive assistance in every facet of your existence. Call upon your Ascension Team members to be with you each day and have faith in the knowing that it is so.

Most important, we ask that you continue to BE the Love that you are for it is making a positive and uplifting difference. You are each surrounded by legions of the Family of Light who add to your energies so they are magnified outwardly in greater and greater radius around you to heal and assist others, thus the need for great self discipline in your thought processes.

I AM Melchizedek

Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

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