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Archangel Michael about 2013

Dear valued Souls of God

I A.M. Archangel Michael and I bring you this time a small Glimpse into the Future.

But before I speak about this Topic, I would like to address a couple of things like emotions, actions and thoughts toward others in these very important coming Months: I understand you and I know it is hard sometimes, to believe or grasp what you are hearing, expressed with limited human words you use, trying to communicate something that is NON-PHYSICAL and UNLIMITED. It is quite a challenge for you, my dear beloved Souls listening in to this Message.

But let me be clear: Judgement is solely reserved for God, and you can actually only gain by letting go of all these Burdens and allowing God to judge FOR YOU, because you could never judge a Person, a Situation or a Soul especially, as God can.

Some of the qualities that will prove especially helpful to you, is if you focus on developing now more empathy, compassion, respect toward others, even if they seemingly have a different opinion or say something you have a reaction to. Sometimes these People can be very helpful to you, if you overcome your prejudice built in the past by living in the old system of mind. Let go of all these burdens and simply allow yourself, to integrate your eternal Being/Consciousness into your present physical Consciousness!

As for 2013, the Alignment will have been completed and a Phase of Cleansing will start. This phase of cleansing will last for about 20 to 25/30 years, depending on the summary of the mass free will on Earth that will determine if the Change happens fast or slower a bit, but it will take place no matter what. I am quite excited about this Moment, and I will be standing there proud of all of you, when you come forward to take simply what you’ve earned and grow bigger and bigger.

The new Era on Earth will be very different from the Past. People will start to open up more on an energetic Level and feel the Energies around them more conscious, making more responsible choices based on deciding not only from logic and the heart, but also from the Soul. Many Societies will start to give Dreams and Dream Interpretation more attention again, and live their Journeys on Earth more and more CONSCIOUS of how big their eternal Journey really is, and integrate their Soul into their every Day Life. Only very few will be left, who will chose to do harm to others or interfere in anothers life, energy, choices and so forth, but most People will have awakened and realized, that since all and everything on a spiritual Level is connected, anything they do, any Energy even they send out to another by thought, emotion or action/manifestation, will sooner or later have to happen back to them so they can learn to deal with their own creation and take responsibility.

Try to open up and imagine, with all your Faith and Fantasy, how wonderful would it be to have all you ever want and desire, just by thinking about it, and it happens right there, in front of your eyes, magically and slowly manifests for you to have, experience, see, do. The Earth Journey is not, in the bigger longterm Picture, supposed to be so full of Negativity, free Will let it get out of hand. But rest assured, all is well, we are here, always have been and will be to support you, protect you, guide you and assist you in whatever tasks your Soul decides to go through.

Soon you will have a time on Earth, which many of you will literally call “Heaven on Earth”, and it will be a more balanced Type of Duality,so the Masses can develop and evolve as planned originally, and finally take the next Step on the eternal ladder of the Soul’s different Journey’s and go onto the next Life Form.

Technology will be more and more made in a way, which keeps the Earth clean and the Air un-polluted, and People and Animals will be able to sleep with a much higher quality than today most of you. Adults will have less and less problems remembering their Dreams, regularly each Night they will have vivid Dreams and remember them perfectly the next Day, and even longer. The third Eye of the Human Race will open up and you will lose the Interest in Hate, Anger and Competition, because with a clear, open Sight, you will KNOW simply, and feel simply, and be LOVE, within your whole Body, Mind and Soul.

Focus on yourself, take your Time making Decisions and look always deeper within the Matter, only like this you can develop a stronger Sight, a stronger Mind, a stronger Focus. All qualities, which are essential and helpful to each Soul, when Ascending into the next Life Form.

Also, there is a big Healing taking place, which will heal the Hearts of the People on the whole Planet, and this will make each Individual open up their Heart to loving themselves, THEMSELVES, and then they won’t feel any need to throw anything negative onto another which contains no Love: no critique, no arguing loudly, no insults etc…, because they will feel loved and good and not need any of this past behavior.

Try to trust in God, and try to trust in yourself and all the Guidance from the to you appointed Angels, Guardian Angels and Archangels. Give it a try, loosen up and be courageous, let go of fear- NOW.

And please, always remember to respect another, and use always a language of love and compassion. You can even tell someone a different opinion and have a wonderful exchange and growth between different thinking minds, but with LOVE.

I A.M. Archangel Michael

Channeler: Susan Elsa
This Text can be distributed and shared with Credit to Susan Elsa & Archangel Michael for the channeled Work.

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