Energy and persistence alter all things.

— Benjamin Franklin

The Lightworker Flash Mob

I have seen videos on flash mobs but I never related flash mobs to Lightworkers until last month when the Angels wanted to make an encouraging point. You may have seen some of the videos of flash mobs singing and dancing. The video I saw was from the University of Minnesota, the Carlson School of Management. Here is the video – The “mob” was a group of nearly 300 University of Minnesota music students. When I was watching the Angels told me to pay close attention to every detail.

Here is a brief description of the video. At first, there is a single, unassuming guy in a common area of a building. He looked just like every other student, until he started playing his saxophone. A woman walks up and puts money in his saxophone case, like he is playing for donations. But then she starts singing to the Christmas song he was playing, “Deck the Halls.” Seconds later, a couple more people walk up and join her singing. More people are now taking notice. A guy walking by talking on his cell phone joins in and then more people start singing. At this point people are walking out of their classes to see what is going on. People watching this are recording this moment on their cell phones because they know something special is happening and they want to remember it. Everyone around them is now curious and interested, enjoying the light, flowing music. The energy of the people joining together to sing is infectious and smiles are everywhere.

Now a security guard says something on his walkie-talkie and walks over like he is going to do something about this flash mob and stops beside a woman taking a photograph of the singers. Then all of a sudden the singing shifts into an upbeat, faster version of “Deck the Halls.” More people join in and now they are dancing. Everyone seems to know exactly what to do at what moment even though it looks like they are random people just coming together for this one moment. They sing, dance and bring forth beautiful energy as if they are one. Then the song comes to an end. There is absolute total silence for a few seconds. Then everyone goes on with their life.

Lightworkers and more specifically the 144,000 that are bringing The Light into their bodies, minds and souls are going to be like this flash mob. We may not look like we are doing much now. We are people living and working amongst others who may not even know what our “work” is for Spirit. We are bringing this light in seemingly on our own, without much attention from others.

Then one day, it will happen.

We will have enough energy flowing through us that one of us will step forward and a Light will shine bright. Then another person will step forward and another. Within seconds, all of us that have been working on channeling this beautiful light will stand together all over the globe and our lights will no longer be singular. We automatically know the choreographed movements of channeling the light because that is what we have been doing for years to prepare for this moment. Our souls know exactly what to do. In one moment, we will then all join as one. The Light that was the goal for a spiritual human transition to a new life will have been created. Our new world will be manifested. As in the flash mob video, then there will be silence for a few moments and we will finally walk into our new life as if we had never known anything else.

Be assured, my friend, you are making a difference. Your life matters. When this moment occurs you will wonder why you ever doubted yourself and your path. It is a quiet time right now but don’t relate that to what is going on within our souls. Our souls are quite busy concentrating on channeling the light into our lives; emotionally, physically and spiritually. So enjoy the rest right now. Enjoy the quiet. And continue being light in all aspects of your life.

I AM honored to create this Ascension with you,


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