It doesn’t really matter who you used to be, what matters is who you’ve become.

— Robert Tew

The Planetary Ascension is now underway – Archangel Michael

Messages received and shared here come from spirit and even though spirit utilizes human/personality channels – it is this group’s view that messages from spirit are never meant to elevate or be claimed by the singular. The universe works in accordance to each and every ones need – so if you are reading this you are meant to have it. Please share accordingly.

Channeled through Michael Xavier for the Universal Service of Light
The Planetary Ascension

Beloved one’s we wish to speak to you from the realms of light on the planetary ascension and how we now see that this is now fully underway. We wish to encourage you to remain steadfast and strong in these times of planetary transformation and ascension. You are not alone, even when at times it may feel that way.

There has been so much speculation in regards to the year 2012 and the many conjectures and ideologies behind it. This is really only learned through the personal experiential process alongside others undergoing the shifts in a like manner. This is why we admonish you all to come together to share your experiences in love and encouragement.

There is no “handbook” for these times since every planet in the cosmos is collectively different undergoing ascension into light and life. Due to the collective past of your planet and the fact that it has been immersed for so long in a fear based confused consciousness, this is proving to be an unfolding experiential process that is even teaching many of us in the realms of light.

We are all learning much in regards to a world built on illusionary concepts undergoing the ascension process. Celestials from all over creation have come to observe and take part in this planetary ascension of your world, so always remember that you are not alone.

You have the spark of the Creator within you to be your perfect guide, but you also have a tremendous amount of help from the realms of light.

Remember that you are co-creators with each and every being in your awareness – and in these times of tremendous shifting there are many bringing forth transmissions from the realms of light due to the extraordinary response from the universes of time and space to be here in this most monumental time of planetary ascension.

The massive energy influxes and “ups and downs” that many of you are experiencing are due to the planetary ascension energies being extrapolated collectively.

Keep in mind that we are well aware, as you should be too, that you are part of the whole. This affects all of you holding these higher vibrations on a personal level in your individual realities.

There are many of you reading this “on the ground” in the third dimensional level of reality that have come to assist in the planetary ascension that have already undergone their personal ascensions, and have come back to assist those who would be undergoing these changes at this time collectively.

This will not be completely understood by those still undergoing the singular personal transformation / ascension process on a singular level, as we understand that individual ascenders are also are being doubly affected by these higher vibrations in this time of planetary ascension.

The importance to ground in these times of massive energy integration
You will find it helpful in these times of planetary ascension to ground yourselves with mother earth by being out in nature and maintaining a daily grounding mediation practice.

It is imperative for all of you now that you remember to connect to the grounded energies of mother earth to anchor you in these higher inflowing energies.
Many of you may now feel like you are lifting like a hot air balloon into the stratosphere as these ascension energies are uplifting and pulling you higher into the higher dimensions where you are more comfortable.

Do not neglect your third dimensional self that is trying desperately to hold you down while your higher soul selves are yearning to be where you are most comfortable in the higher realms of light and unconditional love.

We are well aware of many of you undergoing shifting patterns and how many of you are being affected by the energy influxes. Many of you are undergoing tremendous changes in your sleeping and eating patterns as you try to “tune in” much like a dial radio trying to find a clear channel of understandable resonance within this planetary ascension in your personal realities.

Beloveds, this is the time that you have all been waiting for, and the reason you are here on earth at this time, so remain strong and steadfast. You are all being looked after by the realms of light and are being guided to the best of your abilities to discern and understand our messages and encouragement from the realms of light.

The importance of coming together and Co-Creating with other light workers in these times of planetary ascension
More so than ever beloved ones, we urge you to come together to assist one another in these tremendous times of planetary transformation. Just as a chorus of voices sound better in a harmonic choir, so to do all of you when you come together to harmonize in co-creation.

You all have your own unique voices, but when you come together to harmonize in these monumental times, its resonation can be heard throughout the universe, for you are much stronger in numbers.

Take the time to encourage one another and to lift one another up
Send an e-mail, post encouraging comments, or reach out and band together to your fellow light workers in light and love focusing on the positive resonances, always trying to ignore those things that do not resonate in these times. If something doesn’t resonate, simply dismiss it.

Remember that truth simply is. Ignorance may deride it or attack it but in the end it shall always stand the test of time and remain no matter what comes up against it.

Many of you feel alone because of your inability to encourage one another. Keep in mind the example of many of us in the realms of light that reach out to all of you beloved ones in love and encouragement. Keep in mind to encourage and uplift your fellow brothers and sisters.

One encouraging word can change the whole course of an individual’s day. Imagine if you all began to encourage one another daily. This would cause tides to change rapidly in these times of uncertainty for many of you.

This is the quantum affect of cause and effect, especially when you do something in love. Love always resonates in a receptive person willing to receive it – so too will this affect all those that they touch and so on and so forth. We are well pleased with all of you beloved ones.

We can only do so much on this side of the veil, so it is up to you as well to encourage and uplift your co-creators in the kingdom of God.

Rehearsal on the other side of the veil
For many of you while your vessels are in unconscious sleep, you are being trained on the other side of the veil with many celestial / light beings that have come to assist in these times of planetary ascension.

This is a place where many downloads are retained in your waking conscious awareness. If you find yourself remembering vivid dreams and waking up feeling refreshed and uplifted, it is the simple fact that you have been uplifted / trained / rehearsed in the higher dimensions / classrooms and realms of light on the other side of the veil.

Many of you are earthly ascended masters that are very comfortable in the in the lucid dreaming aspect of unconscious sleep where you are able to utilize your many talents and abilities outside of the realms and confinement of time.

Your soul selves know what is best for the whole, so you may find yourself with things on your heart when you wake up as you are doing much work in these times of co-creation with us beings of light to assist those who are struggling with these integrating energies.

For those of you that are not familiar with this ability, take heart and do not let this discourage you.

For those of you beloved ones that can do this, it is something that the soul has earned through experiential processes and many eons of training. These things were earned through many unrevealed ways to you younger souls that may not understand these things.

Shifting from the intellect to the heart center
More so than anything we wish to bring to your awareness at this time the collective shifting from the mind / intellect to the heart center.

Many will want proof or these things explained to satisfy their intellectual minds, but when you reach certain levels this will prove to be impossible as you are creating your reality through your individual experiential processes and can only share what you have individually learned in love.

Keep in mind the way that the Creator sees each and every one of you beloved ones. No matter what you have done, no matter what books you study or religion you belong to, it is a simple and true fact that you are loved like the only child in creation and it is your soul that connects you to the First Source and Center not a church or a book.

Only you see the world through your eyes the way you see it, but no matter what you see, remember the way the Creator sees you always in unconditional love and acceptance. There is no judgment or condemnation for the sincere seeking spiritual soul no matter what others may say.

Remain strong in the knowledge that you are loved unconditionally and that it is those judging individuals that are in actuality bringing forth judgment against themselves in projection. Many times when an immature soul doesn’t understand higher aspects of spirit they will attack these things due to the fact that they cannot themselves understand these things.

Remain in your heart and many doors shall be opened to those sincere seeking spiritual students who wish to have expanded abilities to better serve in the planetary ascension process.

You have a perfect guide within you, so do not give your power away to anyone else in these times that may try to tell you things that may try to disempower you with fear, conspiracy and confusion.

By their fruits you shall know them beloveds.
What is most important to keep in mind in these times is to apply the principle – if something doesn’t resonate in your reality, simply dismiss it. There is no reason to discourage anyone in these times if you feel that you “know better”. Remaining centered in the heart while sustaining encouragement in these times is something we cannot stress enough, for you are all harmonizing for the greatest good of all.

Each and every one of us celestials love you unconditionally – so too should you emulate this trait of the Creator with your fellow brothers and sisters in these times of planetary ascension and transformation.

Remain strong and Courageous for you are greatly beloved
I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths

Michael Xavier – channel , Universal Service of Light

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