The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed, for behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

Much is taking place upon your World at this time that requires your great powers of discernment.

Dearest Lightworker Family,

Much is taking place upon your World at this time that requires your great powers of discernment. Look within to validate any information that you see or read. There is much disinformation that is floating about and one must be in touch with the Higher Selves at all times. All the changes that are taking place are initiated by the people of Earth and are unfolding as they should through the will of the people of Earth.

Humanity as a race are highly regarded by the rest of the Cosmos, for it is within Humanity that great strength lies. The power and potency of the Spirit is at its greatest within the Human form for this is where the renewal of all in the Universe takes place. There is a great power in Humanity that has long been hidden and is just now about to come forth. Trust in yourselves and question everyone and everything that comes to the forefront of your attention in the coming days. Ask yourselves what the motivation could possibly be and who does it serve? Know that if it does not serve the highest and greatest good of all, then it should not be trusted.

We have now moved into unity consciousness and we work in concert with you at all levels, for you have now begun to function with more consciousness in all the dimensions and are beginning to bring this remembrance with you in your waking consciousness. Many of you have been having strange occurrences and reality shifts that leave you wondering about your sanity and if you have somehow stepped off your Path and are failing in your efforts. This is a period of adjustment for all and it is temporary and could take many months to fully integrate. Allow all to unfold, for it will unfold whether you worry about it or not. The impetus of the Cosmic Light has now become a great force of change and many wonderful and mighty changes will begin to take place, both within you and in your World.

We ask you to remain true to yourselves and to continue to allow the process to continue without resistance. If you find yourselves doing something out of your normal routine, just allow it to happen and trust that this is a necessary part of your personal process. All is occurring according to the level you can integrate with safety, grace and ease. We see that your powers of observation about what is happening within yourselves are much more aware and that you accept these occurrences to take place with an allowing heart and mind. The less resistance there is to these changes within you, the greater the ease of integration. Be at peace within yourselves. There is no right or wrong, only that which helps to continue the process of ascension with the greatest safety, comfort and ease.

Allow yourselves to experience all that occurs with equanimity and the knowledge that it is a temporary process that helps in the overall purpose of your soul journey. All is acceptable if it helps the greater purpose of the Divine Plan. Going within will always keep you on the right track and will explain what needs answering.

Each of you is very much loved and supported in all ways and we lovingly and enthusiastically respond to your calls.

I AM Lady Nada

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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