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Shifts into higher dimensions – Archangel Michael – The Galatic Federation of Light Part 1 of 2

Michael Xavier
Shifts into higher dimensions – Ascension Awareness Part 1 of 2

Messages received and shared here come from spirit and even though spirit utilizes human/personality channels – it is this group’s view that messages from spirit are never meant to elevate or be claimed by the singular. The universe works in accordance to each and every ones need – so if you are reading this you are meant to have it. Please share accordingly.

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This is the first part of a two part broadcast from Archangel Michael– The Galactic Federation of Light and Sananda brought forth to expand Ascension Consciousness and the upcoming changes many will be experiencing in the coming shifts in the collective into higher octaves of dimensional awareness.
Archangel Michael: Peace be upon you beloved Ones, I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths.

Let us speak of the shifts now taking place for many of you into the fourth dimension.

The Merkaba in your energetic field can be accessed and utilized in the fourth dimension, and as this field of energy comes into your awareness your higher self/adjuster will show you how to utilize it appropriately.

Those thoughts in your mind and that which you put out from your heart center and even your mind are carried as a projection in this field of energy.
It is imperative at this time that you maintain clean and pure thoughts beloved ones, and always taking consideration of your Merkaba which is a part of your energetic field.

This inter-dimensional vehicle is an aspect of you to reach even higher dimensions of awareness.

Many of you have already experienced the transitions over into the 5th, 6th and beheld the 7th dimension of infinity through the specific techniques that your higher self/adjuster has given you.

As you move forward from the 4th dimension into the 5th dimension you will begin to realize this aspect of yourself is morontial / soul and is the culmination of your experiential processes actualized on a higher plane of existence.

Your soul is what is carried over through the “veil” of the forth dimensional shift.

So as we impart you with understanding in your energetic field in your matrix of consciousness with these words, we ask you beloved ones to breathe deeply into your heart centers – fill it with pure love.

Love is the catalyst for transition.

Fear and the lower vibrations cannot traverse or stay in the higher dimensions due to the fact that they indeed become manifested in your conscious relative view and will kick you back down into the third dimensional reality.

Experiencing these things yourself beloved ones will prove to be the best teacher, but in due time as more and more shifts begin to happen in the collective awareness, you who read this transmission will become aware of what is happening, for the universe will guide you always to the appropriate avenues of information to help you better transition with ease and grace.

We understand that this may not be new to some, but it will be for many that will soon be experiencing this collective shift. It is our wish to bring this information forth for the conscious spectrum of awareness in the channels of advent being utilized for these truths.

Every action that you dictate, every thought that you think, every projection that you view affects the whole, even now in the third dimension, but even more so in the higher octaves.

As you traverse and transcend into higher dimensional levels of thinking on higher planes, realization in your realities will show that you affect the entire unified field of consciousness that you are connected to.

This is why we constantly remind you beloved ones to take inventory of your thoughts and keep them focused on the higher aspect mind of spirit.
The divine mother spirit will come and impart you with her love, her embrace and her comfort to cleanse and energize your merkaba and your energetic fields of being.

Anchor your hearts deep within the heart of Gia/ Urantia/ Earth to allow her to impart you with her great love that she has for all of her children, for it is mother earth that sustains you in the third dimension.

All that you see, eat and have in your realities have come from her.

She is indeed your sustainer in this third dimensional reality.

She has given you much, and she will give you her love as well to ground you into her heart center to help extrapolate ascension energies now being not only personified in you, but in the collective unified field matrix of the cosmic / Christ/ unified consciousness.

Maintain balance in these times of transition and be mindful of all those energies now manifesting in your realities.
It is time to move on from much and in doing so you will allow these “other” energies also the ability to move on.

I AM archangel Michael

So it is

Galactic Federation of Light – Beloved Masters, and those who have postponed their ascensions to be here in this most monumental time, we speak to you, the galactic federation of light, for we are many beings, yet we are unified in the field of etheric akashic construct of the cosmic Christ consciousness.
We utilize this field to speak to you beings of love that can hold this level of consciousness on earth at this time.

There is so much love being poured out upon Earth / Gia / Urantia in this most exciting time of great shifts and change.

We ask you to be mindful of all the beings in the universe that are helping in these great shifts, not only on a personal level, but on a collective world level as well.

Many of you that hold the cosmic Christ consciousness or the unified field consciousness of love have come to the realization of the image that you were created in – you are now coming into full possession of the realization that all your thoughts can be manifested simply by focusing where your energy is being directed.

To exist in the fourth dimension is to come into possession of your creator prerogatives allowing the full release of victim and manipulation consciousness.
First must come the realization that all your thoughts, all that you have created around you, has always been in your control.

If you see things not in line with love and light as the coming shifts and changes come upon the world at large in the third dimensional level, remember beloved ones that you have the power to change this anytime.

Moving into the fourth dimension all these things will become exposed that are not in line with divine harmony. This misuse of illusionary energy and “miscreation” will immediately manifest outwardly in your creation and try to drag you back down to the third dimension where this can exist in illusion and separation.

It is up to you when you move forward to listen to the language of light and hear the voice of the call to reason and sanity at this time because where you are going beloved ones, these energies cannot come unless they transform to a higher vibration of love and acceptance.

Many of you will want to make changes and when you try to move forward these dormant energies in your creation will manifest and “growl” to try to drag you back down into the depths of sleep and ignorance.

We urge you to remain steadfast and strong in these times of change and uncertainty. Always remember that the universe has you safely in its hands and your divine inner guide will safely lead you to a place of peace and prosperity if you have the faith to trust this voice.

It is a great time of planetary change and shifting, so we urge you all to remain steadfast and strong in the light, to be the way-showers for the many stepping out in faith into the light of day to take back the power that they have for so long given away.

When the realization dawns into the greater levels of awareness’s that you have never been separate from the universe, but only asleep to the fact, the first inclination many have is the illusionary programming to disbelieve because this is was not taught to them in their institutional learning or by any other means.
This illusionary world teaches to mistrust that any contact outside of this world is impossible and has programmed you to remain insane by telling the believer that these things are not possible.

Overcoming this programming does require a “leap of faith” on the part of the one’s awakening to these greater truths, but remember that with love and faith all things are possible.

We beings of light are converging on your sphere and are now coming to you in the great love of the Creator’s heart, where we are all home.

We are here to guide and integrate you into the etheric akashic construct of love, so you too can add and become a part of the emerging supreme to color it with your own unique experience.

We leave you always in the knowledge that love rules creation. The light of the Universe holds you always safely in love.

Universal Service of Light

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