This era is the time of “dreaming the world awake.” So let’s wake up together and dream.

— indigenous proverb

Perceiving and Accessing Energetic Portals in Consciousness

Inside every moment, there are energies you can perceive and “read”. Reading and understanding the energies around you allows you to receive the messages your higher self is constantly downloading into your consciousness. As you become a better receiving station for these messages, you learn to access more of the love, abundance and joy available to all beings within all timeframes.

Reaching Beyond the Boundaries of Physical Reality

There are many different ways in which this works. Because energies exist at all levels and within all dimensions, learning to perceive encoded packets of information from your higher self allows you to understand more about the realities you encounter and to respond beyond the limitations of the physical. As your responses reach beyond the boundaries of physical reality, you transform lower frequencies and incorporate more fifth-dimensional energies and beyond into your experience and your reality.

Opening Your Receiving/Perceiving Station

When you learn to read the energies within every moment, you’re able to respond to all levels – not just to surface energies. The obvious physical energies – realities you are able to readily observe and/or detect with the naked eye – are only a small percentage of the energies present within a given moment. When you respond only to surface energies, you greatly limit your potential for spiritual growth, abundance and relationships. This is what we refer to when we talk about placing limitations on your self. Are you only recognizing and responding to surface realities or are you responding to and aligning with energies and realities that exist beyond the physical? No one seeks to limit themselves but everyone is limited by what they are able to perceive. Opening your receiving/perceiving station allows you to experience yourself as a multi-dimensional cosmic being incarnated into a physical timeframe within the universe. The alternative of being a limited, one-dimensional speck in a very large and frightening world is far less attractive.

Recognizing and Interpreting the Symbols around You

To read energies that exist at all levels, learn to recognize and interpret the symbols around you. The means learning to unlock the true meaning of a situation that is before you rather than limiting yourself to its surface meaning. The true meaning of a situation is intricately interwoven with your specific life purpose and where you are with it at the moment. As you seek to understand your purpose and to know yourself beyond the confines of your physical identity, you free yourself of the shackles of others’ interpretations and even your own.

Remembering and interpreting your nightly dreams is a good practice that helps you learn to work with the deeper symbols of your life. Another good practice is to read between the lines of a spiritual or channeled book. Some books, art works and other original creations contain energetic codes that have the power to transport you to new portals within your own consciousness.

Triggering New Portals in Consciousness.

Any good piece of channeled writing exists at multiple layers. It contains information from a surface perspective and also points to deeper levels. Many of these levels exist beyond your conscious mind so it is impossible to know how this information will interact with your subconscious understandings or what realities/ideas/inspirations it will trigger. Over time these subconscious energies bubble to the surface of your physical world, allowing you to manifest synchronicities and realities beyond the boundaries of your present-moment imaginings.

For more information on accessing portals in consciousness, see Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation by DL Zeta
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