Don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights the world.

— Rumi

Nov. 6th – Council of Twelve via Ann

There are many different constellations or groups of beings who work on project Ascended Earth. The ascended masters, also known as the Spiritual Hierarchy, coordinates its efforts with the Galactic Federation of Light. We all coordinate with the angelic kingdom and with many other beings of light and love who work more or less as independent contractors, to use an Earth construct. All of us work under the specific guidance of the lords of your universe, who work under the specific guidance of the Creator. In other words, there is nothing random about the way things are progressing in your world and in the world within each person.

Holding the light is one method of service that many of you on the ground currently perform. Disseminating written messages is another. Creating spaces for healing and learning are others. There are many many possible tasks, assignments, contributions, and each of the lightworkers is in place and has been doing their job for some time. Seven billion souls currently make the surface of Gaia their home. This is a lot of energy to wrangle. A lot of opinions, beliefs, prejudices and fantasies clamor for manifestation and often compete for group assent. Projects that get the collective thumbs up come into being. War has been a tragic, oft-repeated example of the group energy in motion.

We are coordinating a group “vote” on whether to disclose our presence this year, next, or some time after that. There are many intelligent persons on your planet who could handle this, the most important and dramatic advent since Jeshua made his appearance some 2,000 years ago. Our appearance on the world stage will change the planet instantly and without the possibility for regression. Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, there is no putting it back, and this is why disclosure is delayed, discussed, planned, re-planned, delayed yet again. The percentage of people who will welcome us is big enough. It is governments who stand in our way. There is much mischief that could take place without proper safe-guards.

Most of you will live to see First Contact. Those of you who pass before this momentous event will have front row seats on the inner planes. No one will miss out. It’s why you’re here.

We hear and feel the frustration of the ones who long to be reunited with their off-planet families and friends. We are always with you. We monitor your light signatures every day. We send light when you’re “a quart low.” We desire the reunion more than you can possibly imagine. We want to finish the mission and go home, too. Stay adamant in your desire to manifest our entrance into human history – we have been a part of your history, but now is the time to be players in the great sandbox of human Earth existence.

We are most curious to try this for ourselves. We wonder if we are capable of handling the challenges that face you every day: going from point A to B in motor vehicles, breathing dirty air, eating food from questionable sources. You are all as strong as steel girders; we marvel at the punishment your bodies take daily in this dense environment. Your spirits are remarkable. After we have made contact and have established ourselves as your galactic partners, much will be made easier in terms of daily existence.


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