Your power is proportional to your ability to relax.

— David Allen

Working within the Violet Flame

Ascended Master El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ October 11-18, 2011
Working within the Violet Flame
Channeled by: Julie Miller
October 11, 2011

Welcome beloveds to another fine Tuesday. We speak today of dissolving all negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, despair and all that this can include with the use of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame, beloveds has a tremendous healing effect that is BENEFICIAL both body and spirit. The Violet Flame, once directed as to what you wish from it, will assist you with dissolving these negative thought patterns.

You only need to use your own thought, be that of PURE thought from your purest of intent that is filled and fuelled by unconditional love. Invoke this wonderful healing flame, envision its violet colour, for some of you it might be holding inside a sconce, or a torch or flowing freely. See it for the magnificent colour that it is. Instruct this FLAME where you need the healing and how the healing from this flame will be helpful to you. You can say this aloud or to yourself, it makes not the difference as your INTENTION being that it is pure will also be heard. When you do this you are calling to me and to other Masters that work within the Violet Flame to help heal away those negative thought forms and the residual effects that may linger. You may not see us, just know we are there helping as you requested and directed.

Dissolving your negative thought patterns is ESSENTIAL not just for your ascension but for your overall spiritual health which also effects your physical health to various degrees. The more you practice using the flame the more understanding you become of the sensations you will experience. Your own self-awareness will rise as well, that will assist you to connecting to your higher self and other light beings such as me.

Working at dissolving your old thought patterns and removing discord is essential to your spiritual growth. You move forward each and every time you manage to do this beloveds. Some of you that are in-tune with their chakras will feel different chakras expand during different spiritual growth cycles. It takes paying close attention to feel each one beloveds and not to worry if you do not. Just know that the good work you are doing within yourself to improve yourself and to learn newer thought patterns and developing new beliefs is aiding to your chakra growth. Remember to cleanse your chakras as often as you can. When they become bogged down from spent energy, they can be part cause to your “blue’ or ‘low’ feelings. Learn to pin point which chakras are out of balance. You will learn this as you learn more of chakras beloveds. I work within the Throat Chakra. I can assist you with vocalizing positive speech, which is necessary when you are among others regardless of the same frame of mind or belief system. I will guide you towards creating more effective and positive thought forms; yes you will have to do the work, have faith and believe in yourself beloveds.

Working within the Violet Flame will benefit you with more than healing your spirit after you have dissolved warn out beliefs and ways of thinking. You can find strength and courage within the Violet Flame that will help move you forward during the times you are CREATING new beliefs and newer ways of thinking that is positive. During all the changes that are happening around you, your community and the world, it is not the time to bury your head in the sand. It is time to stand tall, feel the warmth of the sun even on cloudy days, feel the warmth that it there. This warmth will invigorate and energize you and your spirit.

When you call upon the Violet Flame you are asking it to REMOVE all negative thoughts and discord that are from the past, present, the future, and from this reality and from all other realities. You will find moments beloveds when you WILL need to do this again and the Violet Flame will be there when you are in need of its healing. Just as you will find moments when you need to clear and cut cords. Use the Violet Flame during such times as well; your spirit will heal that much faster with its aid.

Find COMFORT knowing you have the ability of healing yourself from clearing yourself from negative situations that have caused your spirit to have a loss of energy. That alone is very empowering beloveds. You have so much POWER inside of you, and you will reach various parts of your INNER-POWER over time. You will find more reasons to love YOURSELF, which allow you to love others just as much. My love for you beloveds is beyond measure. Always know that God’s Love and Light lives within your beautiful heart.

And so it is…Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

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