When you share your smile with the world, your heart returns the favor.

The Place Of Original Innocence


The little child chases butterflies among the long grass, dressed in light summer clothing, laughing joyfully in freedom of play.

The innocence of children, fully free being themselves without a care in the world. Inherently she knows who she is. Naturally he is fully present in his surroundings.

Their inner sense is in the purity of their innocent being, fully connected, loving unconditionally, at peace with all life, joy bubbling over.

Nothing has tainted these incredible souls – so open, so free.

Their imaginations unlimited, they harmoniously be and do and play and laugh in full awareness of their essence. They know who they are and live it every moment in full expansive experience.

They feel their sense of Oneness with all of life and live it fully through all of their physical senses as they be who they are, divine souls in full original innocence.

As we become more and more aware of our being divinely One, we too, re-experience the light-heartedness of this innocence we lost in the process of “growing up” in our 3-dimensional world.

This original innocence is the purity of being stripped naked of all our limitations, beliefs, roles, negativities and fears.

As we understand more and more the illusion we have individually and collectively created in this world of separativeness, we see manifesting more and more before our eyes the sheer beauty of soul expressed.

To BE like the butterfly, yet we are but still in the cocoon, in the process of breaking free.

The freedom of youth, the BEing young at heart, light of soul, loving of nature, peaceful of mind – all this and more calls to us.

This is our inherent and sovereign right.

Struggle is not the way however. Instead, BE what it is One wishes to be.

BE gentle, kind, loving, caring, calm, quiet, still, accepting and allowing the process of return to work itself.

Making it happen is not the way.

The way is to BE in the divine reality, hold this in the heart and then allow the alignment to process naturally.

Returning to original innocence; that which is our pure soul state, divinely One.

The essence of limitlessness, timelessness and endlessness.

Life flowing infinitely and eternally as Pure Love.


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