Celebrate endings – for they precede new beginnings.

— Jonathan Lockwood Huie

The Council of Twelve via Ann, Sept. 18, 2011

The Council of Twelve, via Ann on Sept. 18, 2011:
We are the Council of Twelve. Much has been circulating among the cadre of Lightworkers about the coming changes. Much is changing, that is true. However, we are concerned that many are fantasizing about a world that we, frankly, do not envision or think would be good for humanity.

The coming shift, or ascension as it is called (there are subtle differences, but they are part and parcel of the same thing), is going to be far more subtle in nature than you may think. There will be a few, sudden dramatic changes. Overall, however, the changes in human society will occur in a steady stream of small increments.

There are many people who do not adjust well to sudden change and it is their choice that ascension proceed in an orderly fashion with a minimum of drama and disruption. We tend to agree that this would be the optimal way to go. There will be much to celebrate and much to marvel at, but don’t expect a levitation machine to be delivered to your doorstep on Dec. 21, 2012. It won’t work like that.

Life on earth will improve steadily, but much will be under wraps, so to speak, and will filter into daily life gradually. Think about that. It’s really for the best. We know many of you want the last act of the play to be spectacular. But there is no last act. Life goes on, and many people are in different levels, or grades of experience, and we want the “ride” to be pleasant and utilitarian for all of you. This is still physical existence, dear ones. It comes with a degree of difficulty. That’s why you elected to do it.

The challenge of physical existence is a worthwhile one, and while ascension is in fact occurring, there are aspects of physical life that will not change. You still have to do the dishes! You have to drive your cars. Feed the cat! You understand, yes? Stay grounded in the physical plane and bring heaven down to it through your loving actions toward each other. That is ascension! That is heaven on Earth. When you treat each other as if there were no impediment to the free flow of love (and there isn’t, except in illusory thinking), the planet will be all that you could wish for. It’s that easy. And that hard. We know you can do it! Love and light. The Council of Twelve.

Source: Lightworkers.org

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