A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.

— Winston Churchill

It is to be an event of unprecedented significance – Saul

It is to be an event of unprecedented significance

09/14/2011 by John Smallman

We – all of God’s divine creation – are almost euphoric as we observe the moment of humanity’s awakening approaching rapidly. The “we” includes you, because deep within you, where you know that you are divine beings, you too are well aware of the momentous event that has been meticulously planned and whose time is almost upon you. To understand this with the limited sentience that you have available to you in the illusion is impossible. But your awakened Selves – at One with God – fully understand, and are filled with joyful anticipation as we wait for the divine dawn to break and awaken you all.

It is to be an event of unprecedented significance that will amaze and delight you as it unfolds, and you finally awaken from the dream into Reality. It is a state that is impossible for you to imagine, despite its being your natural state. Nevertheless, when you awaken, you will instantly realize that you are Home, and your joy will be boundless.

You have been traveling for a very long time on your spiritual journey toward awakening, and much of what you have experienced has been extremely traumatic. Initially it seemed that separation from God would be fun, interesting, and exciting. The fun did not last long, but the excitement intensified and then changed to fear as your survival became increasingly threatened, and you began to identify yourselves more and more as bodies, instead of as spiritual beings having an imaginary bodily experience. And with that misidentification of yourselves your fear and confusion grew. You began to imagine strange gods whom you could offend, and who, unless expiated, would punish you severely; and any catastrophe – flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, drought, famine, and even personal tragedies – became evidence for you of the gods’ anger with you. It is only very recently that beliefs of that nature have been released, allowing you to start making progress on the spiritual path that would lead you Home, and your rate of progress has been accelerating wonderfully since then. No longer are you trapped in a seemingly endless loop of punishing disasters and constant acts of expiation.

The realization that God is all-loving and never punishes was a great spiritual step forward for humanity – a step into true knowledge. There are still many who are hanging on to the belief in a judging and punishing god, and many more who are atheist or agnostic. However, all have the divine Flame burning within them, and the powerful energy effects that those who pray and meditate regularly are creating all across the planet are nudging these lost ones to look within and discover their own divine Flame.

Not one person on Earth today remains unaffected by the Love that sweeps constantly across, through, and around the planet, nudging all toward their natural state of wakefulness. Everyone is feeling it, although they may be very confused, initially, by what they are feeling. But that confusion is clearing as people start to experience love, compassion, and acceptance on a scale that has never before been seen on Planet Earth.

The awakening process is accelerating and intensifying. No one is completely unaware of the divine energies embracing them. All that is necessary for all to awaken is a desire for peace, love, and abundance for all. And that desire is growing and strengthening in every moment as the dawn approaches. And as it passes, the glorious brilliance of eternal day will envelop you and embrace you forever.

With so very much love, Saul.


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