He that can have Patience can have what he will.

— Benjamin Franklin

The Will of God ~ El Moyra’s Weekly Message

Channelled by: Julie Miller
September 13, 2011

Welcome all Gods children! Welcome to another marvellous Tuesday.

I would like to discuss the Will of God with you, and what that entails. What is the Will of God? There is a lot that goes into this answer. Following in God’s footprints, meaning being like God. This does not mean you live up in the soft cottony clouds, it means living within your True Self as God does. God lives purely from his heart. He does not hide, he does not run from himself, nor does he act in prejudice ways, shun, ridicule, or any other act that is very opposite of him. Follow in his teachings, live from your heart and to love all people of this earth equally.

The Will of God is within all of you. Some have not yet recognized this. To work within the Will of God and to be like God, you must be able to find your True Self. What is your true self? Your true self is what lies beneath all that you put on, regardless if its your clothes, make up, your image, your role within your physical body, etc. What lies underneath is your True Self. A lot of admitting goes on as you dig through all the ‘stuff’ that is there, some of this ‘stuff’ gets in the way of your true self, gets buried and forgotten. I would like to help you unbury all the ‘stuff’ that covers and hides the true beauty that God sees, that I see.

God does not expect any of you to be perfect, but to work towards living through your heart as he does. To aim to love him as you love yourself, unconditionally. You love yourself, you love God and you love all others that inhabit the world you live in. Find the balance within yourself by clearing the clutter that is hiding your true self, your God-self. Discipline yourself in the dedication to the Will of God before you fully commit to working with any of the Rays. To discipline yourself, you merely are committing to loving God first, and yourself first and following his teachings, living and loving purely and only unconditionally. Each of you resonate with a specific Ray and that Ray, or area is where you are to focus, but before this focus can truly be acted upon, it is important to come to grips with your relationship with God and his Will.

Being completely open to the love of God and to his teachings and accepting all people as worthy of God’s love just as you are, requires much discipline. Requires a certain maturity of the mind and balance of the heart. I will help you reach this balance and readiness. Call upon me, I am the Chohan of the First Ray, the blue ray. The areas of address of this office is of Protection, Will of God, and Faith. You must never think you have to go through this journey alone. You are never alone even if you think it. You are loved by all beings of Light and of course, endlessly by God.

Find the ways of God that are easiest for you to work with and use everyday and move forward when you are ready to more ways of God as you grow more comfortable with your new way of being and thinking. Think and live always from the purity of your heart which is filled with love. Smile, even during the darkest of days, find ways that will make you smile and shine with God’s light and love flowing through you. Laughter brings in Light dear ones and pushes away shadows and darkness.

I am preparing to take my leave of this dear soul once again. I will return next week as planned. You are truly amazing beings, and I am happy to work with you in all areas you ask of me.

Namaste, Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

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