Ascension is not an “event” but rather, a momentum. It is a shift in awareness, a shift in perspective, a shift in vibration, a shift in attunement, and a shift in conscious alignment with who one truly is…

Affirmations for the New Earth

I am unlimited. I am a magnificent and unlimited expression of the God force. I am infinitely loved. I am diamond spark of love and beauty in the heart of the divine and I radiate with wisdom the love, light and knowledge of the divine wherever I go. I am a blessed vessel of the infinite love, light and wisdom of Source. I am a love child of the universe. I am.

I am infinitely prosperous. I am rich beyond measure in all aspects of my life. I have an abundance of good in my life, including love and money. The more I receive the more I have to give. The more I have, the more contributions I make to the lives of others. I support myself and others in the actualization of our Soul Missions, in aid of the transformation of the earth plane now. I am blessed with just the right flow of giving and receiving, in alignment with the will of Source at all times. I receive graciously and give generously. My heart is open and all is perfect in the flow.

I am a vessel for divine love. My being is a vessel through which the divine contributes using my specific gifts and energy signature. I give of myself and I receive of others gifts and energy. As each contribute and link to one another all aspects of the divine are linked in love exchange. And we become one in the flow.

I am in perfect health. Every part of my body is radiating with health and vitality. My glands and organs are filled with light and function in full perfection. My cells are happy and my DNA is glowing with light. My body is happy and all my bodily functions and mysterious and awesome processes happen smoothly perfectly and in perfect harmonic timing. I nurture my body. I fill it with love, light, energy and healthy nutrients. And as my body radiates health, my spirit soars. My body is the perfect housing vehicle for my divine Soul.

Every day I find new creative and joyful ways to spread my work to the world. I bring joy wherever the work goes and I receive amply from my giving, in material and spiritual ways. As I fulfill my Soul’s mission, every part of my Self is joyful and satisfied, as I incarnated here to make a contribution. Making my unique contribution is deeply satisfying to my Soul.

I rejoice in the abundance I create and I use it well for the betterment of my life and of mankind. I am a joyful vessel of the divine vibration and I allow for an infinite flow of inspiration and information to flow through my ever-widening channels. I rejoice in my mission and I allow myself to receive the abundant love of the divine in all aspects of my life.

I always have what I need to live, feed myself, clothe myself and support my essential needs, including extras for fun, as fun is an essential part of my wellbeing. All that I need comes to me in easy and magical ways, filled with love. All I receive comes to me via love. All I give out from me is given in love. Everybody that comes to me is a friend. I bless everybody around me and I am blessed in return.

I love my community, local and worldwide. I love my neighbors, I love my cyberfriends, I love my fellow travelers on the path. In my heart and in my Soul I remember and connect with those who have incarnated here to make a difference, my team members on Mission Transform Earth. Our Souls connect and light up, circling the globe with light. We are of one mind, one heart, one Soul in the transformation. The Earth plane is returned to its former glory. All that is out of alignment with light gently and quickly dissolves. The Earth and humanity are clear and awake once more. As one family we rejoice in mutual love.

We declare our sovereignty as a human race of light. We reclaim our collective power in the light. We affirm our power. We stand firm in our light. We return the Earth plane to love. We are unlimited and powerful in the light of love. Cooperation becomes the new law of the land. We link together and we help each other survive, live and thrive. We dismantle the old. We create new templates for living. We turn the Earth aglow. Life on Earth is joyful, fair, fruitful, healthy and connected.

We thrive in oneness and love. We are one.

Source: – Katie Gallanti

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