There will be betters days.

Faerie Realms message for 17th August

Welcome beloveds we are here to guide and support you always, never fear that we are not here, for we walk alongside you at all times. We are the faerie realms and we are here with you to help heal and strengthen your BEing. Find us in the woods, in the trees, in nature, know that your mother gives you the gift of nature to soothe your soul.

Many humans are confused as to how the faerie realms can help and support and it is for this reason that we come through this channel at this time. Nature is where you will find stillness, nature is where you will find the LOVE that IS for your mother created nature to be enjoyed and connected to. Mother earth is deeply cleansing and clearing at this time and she asks that when it all becomes too much for YOU to walk out into nature and allow the faerie realms and the tree realms to help move that which no longer serves you.

Our work is such that we go unnoticed by humans, human children no longer delight in the wildness that is nature, many are cooped up indoors and are no longer allowed the freedom to explore and to BE. The same applies to human adults who no longer walk in the LOVE that IS, breathing the air that purifies and listening to the sounds that soothe. We guide you all to once more open your eyes and view the world as a child. Breathe in the LOVE that IS that floats to you on the breeze, allow the sounds of the sea to cleanse your BEing and rejoice for ALL ARE ONE.

Many of you are in illusion around your mother, know that she will never desert you for she gave birth to you. YOU are nature and nature is YOU, for ALL ARE ONE. We have taken this opportunity to show support for all of humankind as we see you struggle and strain where there should be flowing. We see you cut yourselves off from the flow of the LOVE that IS by staying indoors, not interacting with nature and then feeling all alone. Know that if you live in a built up area with little nature you can bring nature inside. Having greenery, pot plants etc will help to keep the link to nature and will allow us to have a more close bond with you , for know that those who keep plants on their window ledges call to the faerie realms, we come via the plants and keep watch over you.

Humans were always to keep a link with nature, as the need for consumption has grown and more have fallen into illusion the link with nature is disappearing. Many live in built up areas with concrete and no nature and feel stifled and contained. Many react violently to their surroundings as they feel caged in. Know that this is what illusion wants dear ones, for it lessens your vibration, as you feel caged in your mind creates scenarios that may never happen, your heart closes down and you feel alone. Know that you are NEVER alone, ALL realms stand ready to support and guide at all times.

Many humans do not realise that it is their connection to nature which is missing. Many try to keep fit by using indoor gymnasiums and we guide you to detach from this teaching. A walk in nature relaxes both mind and body, it opens the connection to the heart and allow the flow of the LOVE that IS. Find the beauty in all that surrounds you dear ones, look to the sky and delight in the shapes of the clouds, like the birds allow your BEing to soar so that you feel free and alive. All of this can be achieved within your mothers arms. For your mother loves you dearly. How can she not? You are each a child of mother earth.
We guide around the illusion and guide that there is much illusion around nature. Where illusion will see you cut off ties from the outside for any little reason. Children are not playing outside due to the teachings of fear from illusion that states that something may happen to them if their parents are not near. That contains the child dear ones. They interact with us much easier than adults as they are more open or were. Many children now are forced to grow up too quickly, in an adult world of consumption they are now trained from an early age to consume and to take. This is illusion. Children need fresh air and need to interact with that which is natural.

There are children across the world who do not know about nature, they are contained within four walls, hooked up to virtual worlds and virtual landscapes and many are on medicines designed to quieten and contain them. Nature is there to help soothe the soul dear ones. Many of the illness across the world simply need fresh air and connection. As you cut off sources of the LOVE that IS you will feel drained, contained and abandoned. Know that illusion uses the smoke and mirrors and plants fear within the BEing of many humans to that end. YOU are nature and nature is YOU, why would YOU turn your back on YOU?

We acknowledge that for many reading our words there will be triggers. We acknowledge that many humans cannot see outside the illusion of work and duty and we guide you to look at this scenario. Many are consumed with the fear of lack and we guide you to look at this, lack of what ? Nature provides for ALL. The food, the air to breathe, the plants to rebalance, all are found within nature. Illusion will teach that nature is unpredictable and that nature is to be avoided. Illusion teaches the use of synthetic drugs and teaches that natural remedies are to be avoided. Which came first dear ones ? Why would the need to control the medicines be an issue when the medicine you need is freely available all around of you?

We are the Faerie Realms and we come to guide and support you at this time. We ask that you acknowledge YOU, that YOU realise that YOUr mother has not abandoned YOU for she is within you, around you and is YOU. You are a child of nature, a child of the earth, you do not have to believe in us for us to support you. We are all around YOU.

Breathe in the LOVE that IS when you walk in nature, take time, pause and open your heart, your mother will send that LOVE straight to YOU. Allow her to give to YOU. It is the balance of YOU and nature that will help to heighten your vibration, for you cannot maintain a high vibration when you cut yourself off from the source of the LOVE that IS.

We are the faerie realms, ALL ARE ONE.

copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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