The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.

— Audrey Hepburn

Arcturian Group, August 16, 2011

Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele (she is not on channeler’s list yet)

Greetings dear ones, once again we greet you with love and an understanding of the chaos that you are experiencing all over your dear planet. We understand those issues that seem to be so daunting to all at this time. There seem to be no solutions, and you are right about this as there are no solutions on the level that they are being sought by those who do not understand that the energy is quickly changing. Solutions are being sought in that which is finished and is leaving. New solutions much be employed; solutions that work from the new and higher frequencies now pouring in–new ways of seeing and doing. Let go of all that is old and finished, and open yourselves to new and better ways of doing those things that you need to do as a society. These will be presenting if you allow yourselves to be open to change.

There are still many who function wholly from a standpoint of fear. The universal human mind presents to you that which is known and contains every three dimensional belief ever believed. You must move beyond the human mind into the vast “no-thing-ness” of the Divine Mind. This is the function of meditation; not for you to have psychic experiences or manifest more human “stuff” (although these things can be an outer expression), but to bring you to a point of inner silence in which you simply rest in your Oneness. Begin to accept and claim this oneness with the Divine and from that Infinite Source will flow the new ideas, for Source knows no limitation. Mind, in its true function as an avenue of awareness, then interprets and forms this Divine activity in the outer as new ways of doing, new forms, the new earth. You see you are not losing anything real, you will simply experience these things now on a higher and better level.

You are Divine beings in your real identity and therefore have infinite sources of ideas and ways of doing and being. The problem has been that you have not known this and most were not ready to know this until now. In your ignorance you have believed yourselves to be less that the lowest. Churches taught that you were worms in the dust until you performed certain rituals or believed certain doctrines. In your ignorance, you accepted this, freely giving your power to those who would then claim it for themselves, convincing you that only they knew what was best for you. This scenario is still happening, and there are still many who follow false and often ego inspired teachings, believing that somehow only certain humans are able to know what is the truth. You who are reading this are coming out from this umbrella of falseness. You are awakening to the truth of your identity and are now ready to take back the power you in your ignorance gave to the many (not all) loud and ego driven voices of government, churches, media, etc. etc.. Trust your intuition on all matters. If any teaching rings of separation and duality, then know it is of the old energy. You are one, and that is a never changing truth.

We are here to say that all is proceeding according to plan. You will soon see many changes in ways of doing and ways of believing. You are on the cusp of great things. Be patient, as it takes time for the energy to be at that place where we can teach you directly. Soon there will be more and more sightings of our ships. This will be the first awareness for those who do not believe or have even considered such things. This will be an introduction for those still locked into the box of that which others would have you believe about beings from other planets. You are not alone. Could it ever be that an Infinite Source Creator would manifest as only one planet, and only one people and then be finished? Many on earth believe that humans are the ultimate creation but earth’s beautiful peoples are actually standing on the bottom rung of a very long ladder. You are now being given the opportunity to move to a higher rung, should you choose. Creation is an ongoing expression of the Creator.

Be aware that you have been taught much that is false with regard to who you are and who we are. There is only One, but infinite manifestations of that One omnipresent consciousness.

We watch you, we understand you, and we see your struggles for we too have evolved. Not quite as you have, but many of us have had lives on earth also and many of you are originally from other planets. We have the experience and the technology to offer our enlightened help at this powerful time. Earth is a difficult school and you who evolve through the earth schools, graduate as powerful and enlightened beings because you have awakened in spite of heavy third dimensional energy. Know and remember this–you have chosen to be here. There is free will for all, no one has forced anyone to be on earth, especially at this time.

If humans could accept the fact that there is no end to a life that is actually Divine life, then they would understand more how evolution happens. Life is not a quick stay on earth, have a bit of fun, and the die; it is a process that happens over eons of time. You are as “old as God and as young as each new day” as said by the western mystic Joel S. Goldsmith. Hold that dear ones, hold to the truth that you can never die, like it or not, as much as you may wish to at times. You are here by choice for the long haul. Whether or not you choose to drag your awakening out for many more lifetimes, is your choice. there is never condemnation or judgement as all are moving forward at the pace they choose.

You have been given an opportunity to be on earth at this most powerful time and to shift into the higher fifth dimensional energies with Gaia should you choose. Those of you reading this have chosen already, but do not expect your friends and family to make the same choice. Never try to force others into believing as you do, for they may not yet be ready. Force is a tool of the dark, an ego expression; the belief that you are right and the other is wrong.

Many are leaving the earth by choice (a choice made on a deeper level), choosing to come back later into the new and higher energy. It is the job of enlightened beings not to interfere with another’s journey, but to simply stay centered and present, throwing out seeds of truth now and then to those receptive and teaching when asked. Those perceived to be unawakened may have lessons yet to learn that you know nothing about. Allow each and every person to make their own choices with regard to ascension and spend your energy on your own deepening realization of who and what you are.

Try not to add to the negative energy of world chaos by constantly thinking about and adding your energy to it. Stay in your center, meditate, have your hand out for those who may reach for it while never allowing yourselves to sink into the energy of sympathy. Always keep yourself in the energy of compassion, for when you enter into sympathy you align yourself with the lower energies of the situation and will often find yourself energetically drained. In compassion you are able to see and understand issues, but are not entering into the energy of them.

Keep your energy fields clear and filled with light at all times; reminding yourselves every moment of the day that; I and the father are one. This is your protection, for this is your truth–your new and higher state of consciousness.

In love, we are the Arcturian Group. 8/16/11

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