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JESUS – And so your eons-long struggle for survival began

July 31, 2011 by John Smallman

God’s Love for His children will overwhelm you with joy when you awaken from the illusion and experience It once more. Your moment of awakening has been divinely planned and orchestrated to bring you maximal joy, and so of course it will. What God plans, what God promises, what God wills always occurs precisely as He intends; no other outcome is possible as there is no other will but His. And for this all creation gives thanks.

All of creation was planned so that all would experience infinite eternal bliss. Your Father loves you infinitely and respects you infinitely, and so He honored you by giving you all that He has – including free will, because Love does not impose. You were created One with Him, His one Son in ecstatic Union with Him. Then You imagined separation and it seemed to occur. Separation requires others to prove that it exists, and so You imagined individuals, and here you all are playing insane games in a place that does not exist. When you stop imagining it, it will be gone like a puff of smoke.

The apparent separation lasted but a moment, but your imagination clung to it, excited and amazed by the possibilities that it seemed to offer, and for a moment you forgot your ecstatic existence at One with your Creator, and you ventured out into the illusion. That nowhere place expanded with your every thought; you became lost there and did not realize what had occurred. Further possibilities and opportunities to play seemingly wonderful games presented themselves to you, and so you chose to play.

After a while the games became less enticing and you tried to go Home – but you were lost and could not. Whereupon they became convincingly real and threatening, not games at all. You became fearful and, finding yourselves in a strange and unfriendly land where you experienced suffering and loss, you began to fight with one another. It was loss of identity (Oneness with your Father), loss of Love (the power and warmth of His embrace), and loss of memory as you wandered through this strange environment which seemed to be the only place you knew … strange, alien, and unfamiliar. And yet here you were with no memory of your Father and Reality, and nowhere to go. How you came to be here, or why, you did not know, but you were here and you needed food and shelter – and so your eons-long struggle for survival began.

As you developed into tribes, races, and cultures your confidence grew, and you became convinced that your environment was real, and the struggle for survival became marginally less intense. You then began to wonder what was the purpose of a life into which you were born completely dependent on your mother for initial survival, then grew, learnt, became independent, had your own children, and died. It seemed pointless. You did not want to die, but life was a relentless struggle that brought only suffering, pain, and death. And yet… You had a sense that it should be much more than that. And as you pondered, something within you caught your attention: it was the divine Flame your Father had placed there, signaling to you, but you could not understand It. Nevertheless, It was alluring, and as you spent time contemplating It, you began to sense that you were indeed more than you appeared to be – not just a body struggling for survival in a hostile environment.

When this awareness began to develop you were ready to listen to those who could tell you of the divine Reality of which you were a part, and to learn from them of your Father, and of how much He loved you, and of His longing for you to awaken. Finally, your own desire to awaken and know your Father once more became stronger than your attachment to the illusion. And so now you are heading for Home, mightily encouraged by your angels and guides. You know where you are going: you want to reach your heavenly destination, and with all the help and encouragement that you are receiving, your homecoming is assured.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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