Whatever you are looking for, that is what you will find.

— James Clair Lewis

Hilarion’s Weekly Message, July 31 – August 6, 2011

Beloved Ones,

Life on the Earth plane begins to take on a faster pace than before. There will be many happenings that occur that will seem to be miraculous and hard to believe. As these events take place, remember to keep your equilibrium at all times and be at peace. As the dimensions converge into closer and closer proximity, there will be greater feelings of joy and anticipation felt within the hearts of all and the sense of impending freedom will begin to take root.

It is time to take your steps to the next level, that of self responsibility and self mastery. Focus completely on what you desire to manifest and take shape in your lives and in your World and do not let anything distract you from this focus. The coming weeks and months are times of opportunity to make great strides forward in your spiral of evolution to achieve Mastery of your human selves and begin to make progress towards encompassing greater abilities and talents than previously thought possible. Each of you is capable of achieving greater things than you have ever dreamt possible.

As you step up to the plate, know that as you take back your personal power and sovereignty, you make a choice that is for the highest good for all. Every positive and focused action that you take counts very much in the overall scheme of things and it behooves you all to create a new game, one filled with joy, infinite goodness and wholesome possibilities. Believe in the innate goodness and greatness of your fellow humans and hold this vision with all the strength you can muster each day no matter what takes place around you.

The great task that is before you now, Dear Ones, is the shattering of the band of deeply embedded negative thought forms that have formed as a field of low density energy that surrounds the Earth. The new Cosmic energies that are coming in are assisting in this process but you are the ones who must state your intentions to make it so. On a free will Planet, it is the inhabitants who must exercise their sovereign and Divine rights to restore this Planet to its original Divine blueprint by intending that this is so. Practice your rights as co-creators with the Divine Source of All That Is by daily intending alignment with the Divine Plan for the Earth and everyone and everything upon Her.

Make it your intention each day to align with your Holy Christ Self and to follow Divine Will for the highest good of all. There is and will continue to be many, many distractions that will pull you away from your central core if you allow it. These times require discernment and the following of your hearts promptings, even if you do not currently understand the reasons why. You are all learning to follow a higher vision, the vision of your Great I AM Presence and this will require surrender of human will in favor of Divine Will. Believe that your Higher Self desires only the very highest and best outcomes for you and all those whom you love and trust that all will be well.

Visualize yourselves as Light Beings about 12 feet tall and play with that vision daily. Imagine and feel yourselves as powerful Beings who can effect great changes just by being here during these momentous times. Feel the love of the Creator in your heart chakra and radiate this out from you in ever growing concentric circles and know that your Light and your Love is truly making a difference.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion
©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff
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