This era is the time of “dreaming the world awake.” So let’s wake up together and dream.

— indigenous proverb

Archangel Michael on 11:11:11

Dear beloved Souls of the physical Earth Plane

I A.M. Archangel Michael, calling on all of you to join the first big Celebration on 11-11-11. It is time, my dear!

Now, before we go into Celebration mode, I want to explain further what the 11-11-11 Time mark means.

For thousands of Years, your Planet has been disfigured, experimented with by your all free will, and sadly, much manipulations put on many innocent souls by a few. Even your true History has been hidden from you, so you won’t find out who you are and how powerful you are-each of you.

As the 11th of the 11th Month in the Year 2011 approaches, the Heavenly Gate is opening up for the first time the widest. This will be only the Beginning, of a big Change that is coming down onto the Earth Plane by God’s Will himself.

Many of you might feel confused in their thinking, energies, sleep and physical bodies. This is part of the Healing process. If you find yourself even crying a lot, just let it flow out of you, and give it to God. Allow God to take care of you and your Soul. To embrace you with the incredible and very magical Light of the highest Creator there has ever been in Existence. God wishes to give you LOVE, now.

It is quite like the famous Tunnel, with the bright Light at the End pulling you through the Dark. Just keep your Focus on the Goal!

My dear Souls, I truly believe in you, and I know that you can expand yourself. I know and see from here very clear, that you have the potential to make God and all the Heavens very proud.

Shine your Light! Shine it onto the World, and as the Change progresses more and more, and the first Opening of the Heavenly Gate approaches, you will feel better, as you will realize others around you will feel equally better.

My dear Ones, what is happening to be quite direct and truthful, as I like, is that the Messiah has arrived. And this time, it won’t be a Messenger, but in fact, all of you together! The Messiah is the coming into the Minds and the Mass Consciousness of the Earth Plane, and all Souls who wish to follow by free Will, will have the Chance for the biggest Evolution Step that has ever took place.

It is very important you understand, that there are some few, who try their very best, to keep their low vibrational Control over you, so they can have Power. Of course, this power never was any real, but it feels to them real, because they aren’t honest to themselves.

Please do not let them confuse you or mislead you. Focus on your Heart Center, and it will guide you cleanly the Way, and help you differentiate between the Ones who try to pull you down to have Company in what they chose for themselves by Free Will, and the Ones who speak out of pure unconditional Love for God and all of his Creations. These will never “force” anything upon you, but be visibly dedicated to unselfish GIVING.

Also, it is quite helpful, to keep the Angels close by your side and Heart. Call on us, anytime, any place. And trust me when I say that as 2012 approaches, you will be able to see us better and hear us better and even feel our embrace more intense. The veil is being lifted, once and for all!

On a very special Note, I would like to mention as well, that all the great Souls who lived before on the Earth Plane, and are not incarnated in a physical Body right now, visibly to you, are all, and I mean all, joining this Mass Ascension and Rising of Mother Nature and the World. We here in Heaven, are already celebrating your Beauty and are very proud of you!

I A.M. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, and I want you all to know, how much I LOVE you, I care for each one of you and I will do my very Best to help you through to the LIGHT TIMES- together with God.

All Material can be distributed with Credit to Susan Elsa & Archangel Michael for the Channeled Work.

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