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YOU ARE COURAGEOUS SOULS : Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, first of all, allow us to ease your minds. The ascension process is not new to you, you have accomplished it many times before. You all are masters of the highest order, or you would not have been chosen as Star Seed Wayshowers for this unprecedented evolutionary process the Earth and humanity are presently experiencing. You have expert credentials, and you have proven your cocreative mastery a multitude of times during your many cosmic journeys.

For each new adventure into physical consciousness, you are given new rules, a new mission and a great variety of challenges to overcome. We wish you to understand that those of you who are stepping to the fore as qualified World Servers have had vast experience throughout this Universe and its many Sub-universes. From the time this Universe began to expand, select Star Seed were transplanted from other time zones and Sub-Universes to oversee and assist in unique programs designed specifically for humanity and other life forms. The primary Divine Mission of these special groups of Star Seed is to lead the way for those ready to evolve into the next level of expanded consciousness as an infinite number of cycles and Divine programs come to a completion.

The cocreative process is very difficult on the physical plane of expression, and it takes great courage and wisdom to adventure out into the unknown, to have a veil placed over your memory as you begin your earthly experience within a broader spectrum of Light and Shadow. Your skills and true identity were hidden within your Sacred Heart and Mind and often were not apparent until later in life after you began to awaken to the nudgings of your Higher Self.

The ascension process for the Earth and humanity is unique in many ways. First of all it is an accelerated path of ascension that has never before been offered. Also, for those of you who are the wayshowers for this Round of Evolution, your earthly contract/mission contained Memory Seed Crystals of awakening which would be triggered by a Divine Discontent. These Seed Crystals of Divine Light were to be activated by your Higher Self and downloaded into your conscious awareness when it was time for you to begin your journey into Self-discovery. If you will look back over your lifetime, you should be able to recognize the times when your Higher Self and angelic guides nudged you toward a certain direction or created unexpected events / dispensations to encourage and assist you in gaining knowledge and developing special skills. You have never been alone, beloveds. Your mission was / is too important to leave you to your own devices. The grand strategy for ascension has been orchestrated and supervised from the very beginning by our Father/Mother God, the great Cosmic Councils of Light and the Legions of Angels who OverLight and direct the creation and expansion process of our Sub-Universe.

Many of you have experienced extreme tests and challenges during this lifetime in order to prepare yourselves for your ultimate earthly mission. However, you agreed to face the full measure of your shadow side, once and for all, in order to be qualified to participate in this extremely difficult and important mission: the ascension of the Earth and the human race, along with all facets of our Sub-Universe.

Yes, you were programmed at the deepest Soul level to seek ascension and the Light. However, you, the Wayshowers who are now stepping into the role of World Servers, were also informed that even though you would strive with all your heart and Being to ascend into the Light during this lifetime, you must agree to remain on Earth in a physical vessel as long as necessary in order to help anchor the Refined Creator Light. Have we not told you over and over again that you are the sentinels, the transducers and conveyers of the Light? The Adamantine Particles of Light are magnetized and directed to those whose energetic signatures / Soul Songs are attuned to the higher fourth-dimensional levels and above, and these Divine Light Particles must be activated by your compassionate, unconditional loving energy. The ascension process for the Earth and humanity cannot be realized without all of you Bearers of Creator Light.

We encourage you to visit often and spend time in the various Pyramids of Light we have told you about over the years and to also visit the Celestial City of Light that OverLights your area / country. In your work pyramid, you may envision and create anything your heart desires which is in harmony with your Divine Blueprint and for the good of all. Here also is where you can join with your Higher Self to gain assistance in resolving the troublesome problems in your daily life that you are seeking to return to harmony.

We strongly suggest that you go into your personal pyramid of Light before your sleep time or, occasionally, into the City of Light, where you will receive assistance in purifying, rejuvenating and healing your physical vessel. Before going to sleep, through your intention, go into one of the Light Cities Ascension Accelerator Chambers located within the entry level of the sixth dimension. This is a most beneficial way to assist in balancing and harmonizing your physical vessel. Beloveds, we encourage you to seek understanding and to trust that it is our greatest desire to assist you in establishing an environment of great harmony, beauty and wholeness (holiness) on Earth, right where you live. Your mission is to bring the peace, abundance and harmony of Heaven to the earthly plane, thereby creating a safe and sacred environment around you and then sharing this wondrous gift with others via your example and service.

You, the vanguard, have spent years taming your emotional nature, gaining knowledge and wisdom via your mental body and endeavoring to unify and fine-tune your major chakra system so that your physical vessel can integrate, absorb and convey the rarified frequencies of Creator Light. Now it is time to focus on your Sacred Heart and Mind as you endeavor to harmonize the right and left hemispheres of the brain and to open your crown chakra more fully so that the column of Light which connects you to your Divine I AM Presence becomes as wide as the Crown of your head (as it was in the beginning). Each forward step in the process of ascension involves seeking an active, aware relationship with the next advanced facet of your Higher Self. Ascension is a process whereby you consciously move into the energy / vibrational field of your Higher Self and then ever forward into more rarified fields of Divine Energy called the higher dimensions.

In a recent past message we told you:

Electromagnetic Energy is yet to be fully understood. Humanity is affected by the fiery forces of Creation in three ways:

I. Fire by Friction: Fire of Body

II. Solar Fire: Fire of Soul

III. Electromagnetic Fire: Fire of Spirit

We will endeavor to give you an understanding as to how each of these “Fiery Forces of Creation” affects humanity:

FIRE BY FRICTION * FIRE OF BODY: While in the physical body, you are subject to and influenced by the powerful forces of nature. Forceful action is necessary to create and manifest objects in a material form. You must draw forth the “Fire of Spirit,” the Divine Will and Power of our Father God, into your physical vessel in order to use the “Fire by Friction.” Intention, focused thought, clear vision and forceful action are necessary to successfully live on the material / physical plane of existence.

You develop a fever or increased bodily temperature or bodily fire in order to “fight off” invasive low frequency germs or viruses. Also, some of the symptoms of ascension entail the use of Fire by Friction. At times you may feel as though you are in a pressure cooker of intense energy as lower frequency energies are pushed to the surface and you are confronted with the negative manifestations of your past thoughts and actions. Your body will sometimes heat up to a “fevered pitch” when you are in the process of “burning off old destructive, impacted energy.” You may also feel as though your spinal column is a “rod of fire” when your Higher Self is downloading a series of higher frequency vibrational patterns. Our beloved messenger, Ronna, has experienced these “power surges” many times in the past when we merge our energies more fully with hers in preparation for a seminar or an intense channeling session.

SOLAR FIRE * FIRE OF THE SOUL: The magnificent, powerful and vibrant SUNS OF CREATION radiate SOLAR FIRE to all living things. It is an outward manifestation of the power and life-giving Essence of the Supreme Creator and our Mother/Father God. When you become aware and begin to heed the nudgings of your Soul and Higher Self, the “fire of Divine Discontent” begins to burn brightly within your heart center. The SOLAR FIRE of the great SUNS throughout the Omniverse Light up the heavens and dispel the darkness–another outward manifestation of the greatness of the Creator. As you move deeper and deeper into the mysteries and wonder of your Divine Self, the Fire of the Soul will become the Fire of Spirit, and you will no longer be just a human Being with a Soul. You will, once again, become a Divine Spiritual / en-Lighten-ed Being enjoying one of the many diverse manifestations of Creation. The Spirit of our Father/Mother God dwells within the Soul and your mission is to integrate as much of this Sacred Fire as possible.

ELECTROMAGNETIC FIRE * FIRE OF SPIRIT: When you have attained an energetic signature composed of mid-fourth-dimensional and higher frequencies of Light, you are ready to receive the full spectrum Light Particles of God Consciousness called Adamantine Particles of Light, which are the electromagnetic fuel of Creation. You are no longer subject to the restrictive, debilitating frequencies of the dense third / fourth dimensions. You are ready to magnetize to you, integrate, control and radiate the pure Essence of the Creator as you become a proficient Self-master and a successful cocreator on the physical plane. The electromagnetic fire of Creation is a part of your Divine Birthright; however, you must prove that you will be a responsible steward of this powerful, magnificent Fire of Spirit before you are allowed to be a true Bearer of Cosmic Fire/Light.

We will close this missive with more vital information that we recently imparted to our messenger. We are ever near to guide, guard, inspire and protect you, and we convey to you our profound gratitude and everlasting love. I AM Archangel Michael.

Beloved friends:

While in deep meditation, AA Michael told me that there are historical / scientific / memory SEED CRYSTALS stored within great subterranean caverns in strategic places around the world. These etheric SEED CRYSTALS are in the same caverns as the Eternal Violet Flames, and both have an integral part to play in our present ascension process.

The various Sacred Sites and holy places around the world have most often been built over or near one of these great caverns or where there is one of the great crystal spires / obelisks. You will also find portals to the inner Earth near some of these special Sacred Sites. When we are guided to visit one these special places, we sometimes experience a most wondrous event which we may not even be aware of at the time. If your intentions are pure, and your Energetic Signature / Soul Song resonates at a higher fourth-dimensional level or above, you will automatically activate the appropriate Seed Crystals stored within the cavern below the Sacred Sites that you live near or you are visiting, for you are among the ones who left them there, perhaps many ages ago or quite possibly in a more recent past life. In turn, you will be gifted with an activation of some of the Seed Crystals stored within your Sacred Mind. These will most likely be Memory Crystals, some of which hold advanced information that you will need in the future or Seed Activation Crystals which will trigger the activation of a particular talent or, perhaps, Healing Crystals which will help you overcome some affliction or release a troublesome addictive habit.

Throughout the Earth’s history there are stories of Masters and great Beings who accomplished amazing feats, won great battles, created many magnificent edifices and performed amazing miracles through their own, seemingly, super-human efforts. What has not been known, heretofore, is that these great Ones knew how to draw forth some of the Seed Crystals from the great caverns within the Earth. They had the capacity to draw forth a full measure of the First Ray of Divine Will Power, along with an added measure of Creator Particles of Light/Life from within the storehouse caverns deep within the Earth. It is important that you understand that a good portion of the Adamantine Particles of Light allotted to the planet were stored within these great caverns of Light when it was first created. The balance was stored within the Earth’s Sacred Heart Core. Every planet, galaxy, sun, star system, Sub-Universe and Universe within the Omniverse has repositories of Adamantine Particles of Life/Light, just as every Soul ever created has Adamantine Particles stored within its Sacred Heart Core, and inside the Kundalini Fire Seed Crystal within the root chakra. Just as you must activate the Adamantine Particles you carry within and the ones you draw forth from the unlimited supply of Creator Light, you are also the ones who must activate the Adamantine Particles stored within the Earth through your loving intention and action.

We are now moving into the vibrational patterns of mastership, and we are being offered assistance via special gifts, talents and specific dispensations to assist us in assuming our role as World Servers.

Even though these are stressful and life-changing times for all of us, it is still a glorious time to be on planet Earth. I, for one, have agreed to stay in this physical body as long as I can maintain a reasonable state of health so that I can continue to be of service to humanity. I have requested, “When that is no longer possible, may I be taken quickly and gracefully.” AA Michael’s reply to my request was, “It will be so, beloved.”

My dear, precious Soul family, may your journey be filled with joy, love, abundance and miracles as we unite together in world service as Bearers of the Light. Eternal love and angel blessings, Ronna


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