You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.

— James Allen

Expression of Love

Dear Lightworkers,

I came here today to give you an important message. In this message, I try to cover those areas you might be interested in. I warn you all that this message is especially for Lightworkers who are much more evolved than an average person and more aware to themselves than an average person.

I am Myraida from the Pleiadian star system. I am a niece of yours, but also a representative of my people. We came here to speak to you about important happenings nowadays. You are familiar with the battle between the dark ones and humanity. It is not a battle for the most of your people, because they aren’t even aware of the dark forces. I may say, that dark forces don’t even exist for them.

But for you, they do exist. They are struggling like a duck with a limp, but they won’t succeed. Not this time. The ruling of humanity is over, and their plan is about to be outdated. There will be several attempts to spread the dark, but darkness can be eliminated with even a small amount of light.

As for you, Lightworkers, you are in the process of change. You are the flag-wavers, the ones who are the guinea pigs. You will be woken up first in order to help the masses in the transition process. This transition process has already begun, according to the amount of light that is reached on Earth, thanks to your efforts.

We are waiting here to be able to present ourselves in your reality. You may ask why a higher evolved being would show up in a lower density reality, but I must say that we also wanted to be here and help you. You don’t know yet, but in the Universe, we are your nieces and cousins. We are also humanoid, and we share a lot of DNA information in common.

As soon as the day comes, we will reveal ourselves. But not only will we, all other beings will reveal them. There may be a disorder in the heads of humanity, but it will light up as soon as you start to remember. Remember where you came from, remember who you are. Most of you reading this have already met me or my brothers in the higher realities. Many of you are our brothers or sisters that came here to incarnate, to help our human cousins and nieces to hold and even lift the light. I know you, as you are reading this, and some of you are starting to see me in your hearts.

Welcome, dear brother. Welcome, dear sister. I know you’re awakening. I know and I remember all the prayers you told before going to bed. I see you all no matter of time, when praying to us, to your home. You remember in heart, but your mind and your reality hides us from you. Now, I open the veil and say hello to you.

You are safe. We protect you. You are doing an amazing job, and I know you don’t dare to confess this, but the efforts are enormous. We understand you as we see you in the way you don’t see each other. In the way of love. In the way of understanding.

Yes, you, too. And you. You all. We love you. We love you when you’re angry or when doing things you are not proud of. We understand what and why you do.

But, to be honest, there are other things we don’t understand as many of us never incarnated in so low-density realities. You surprise us in many ways. There are things you highly overdo according to our estimations, and there are other things that are unfolding much slower, in time. This is way it’s so hard to estimate when certain things are to happen.

Some of you, I almost feel, rightly question this, as why there is time mentioned above. It is because we cannot tell it another way as you are not familiar with the terms of eternal time. It’s something like when you immediately take a look at your watch and the second hand stays still for more than a second. It is the now, when perceived.

What you do now makes many possibilities immediately. In lower density realities, it takes time to unfold. In higher realms, those are possibilities that can be extracted and understood. In even higher realms, those are just memories. In the highest realm, that is just an act, an expression of the one.

But, as you are in a low-density reality, and as we are in a higher one, we can speak from our viewpoint. Time, as you know, doesn’t exist here. It is constantly changing nows here that can lead anywhere. But if an act is made in the now, it immediately unfolds itself and all the future possibilities are seen and understood.

In your reality, when you act in the now, there are possibilities creating, but only one is chosen by you as your future. All other possibilities remain there, but they are hidden from you. Yet, they remain real for other observers, like us, but don’t turn out to be real for your reality. You may ask if a parallel reality exist in which those possibilities unfold itself, but the answer is no and yes. You don’t perceive those parallel possibilities, because you don’t need to. Your task is about to choose, to build up yourself from choices, and to live the consequences of those choices. You may ask why not perceiving other realities, but I say you do. Those parallel realities are also built, but not processed while you are in a reality. After the transition that you call death, all the realities are perceived, and all possibilities are processed by you. You may ask again, why then. I say not then: it could happen any time. Your true self is not limited in time. All of your lives last for a blink of an eye, from the point of your true self. And because of this, we cannot speak about when. We can only speak about that it happens or not. Yet, it does.

I’d like to talk about your 3rd dimensional reality. It is so real for you, yet it is really just a dream, from our point. It is like you go and watch a movie. You watch the movie, you enjoy it, you learn the consequences, and you leave the cinema. What is important in the movie to watch? That you can enjoy your time? Or the consequences?

What is the purpose of earthly life, this monumental movie in which you are actors and actresses? I tell you: to express the true one. This is for joy. Yet, this is important for your true self to evolve, but the whole Universe is an act of souls to celebrate the love. You may ask, why love? I say, because love is that keeps us alive. Love is the energy that flows around everything. Love is the carrier of existence. The expression of the true self. The say. The lesson.

The purpose of your life, the purpose of our life, the purpose of the existence of all, is the expression of love.

We went too far, I know. These are things that will be remembered by you as soon as you wake up to your true self.

But for now, I think there is only one thing remaining to say to you. Whatever you do, dear ones, you cannot fail. Either you are good or bad, according to your duality, you cannot fail. There is no real difference between the worst and the best intent. The only difference is the path that takes home. Either it is a ‘long’ or a ‘short’ path, it doesn’t matter. It is a path that leads to love. It is an expression of love.

And how long an expression of love should last?

Forever, dears.

I love you all.

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