Anyone who says that sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.

The Pegasians, You Are All Creation

Greetings in kind,
in the kindest of ways we meet you, we meet you in loving kindness to yourself.

Honor yourself, allow yourself to be honored deeply. For you are an empowered being, a being in resonance with all creation, with the universal rhythms of all.

We greet you in loving-kindness with yourself for you are ALL. All creation is in you, fully residing within your being, for you are it!
You are all creation, all beingness, all knowingness is you…

This time upon the Earth, all rhythms are in unison with one. Becoming the One resonance of unity. In this the time has come for forgivingness to yourself, for all missteps, all believing missteps of creation, for there is no misstep, all is in oneness from the beginning, from this movement of allowing all to Be.

In time all is resonance, all is allowing creation to be in existence, this existence is allowing creation to be in a resonance with One.

We again speak in circles, for all is in wholeness, in a circle of resonance to this unity. Again and again it is circling back to meet itself in resonance with creation.

All creation is in you, you are all creation, this oneness is you, for how can you be not? How can you be out of the flow of the universe, how can you truly be separated from all that is? Yes, it is an illusion, for you cannot be in separation with existence.

All is in ebb and flow, all is in movement, circling back to meet the beginning, over and over again, this is time, this is existence, this is creation…

Join again in what you have forgotten, only for an instant; only for a moment have you forgotten who you are…

You are One, you are creation, you are wholeness, remembering here upon this Earth, remembering your connection with all that is, universal and beyond all knowingness, there is more, always more to creation, completing the circle to come back to where you have started to remember what is..

So aligning with creation is quite simple, for you already are in that..
It is just the memory to remember, to remember the memory of what has been just out of reach.. Align with the truth within you. Align with what is, aligning is not even needed, for it just is You…

So what to do when you have done it all, you have allowed all, it is done?
You begin to truly live, with utmost freedom, with opening to expansion, right here in this, to live freely, to open the doors of creation here, upon this Earth! To allow all to be remembered here, in this moment, circling back to All moments within…

The circle is completed, the knowledge is knowingness, and it has returned unto you, awakened within you… Live freely; open heartedly, in join-ment with all that is…. Allow this memory to be not forgotten, but to be living as you, for you are All…

We join with you in friendship, in camaraderie, in relevance, with all that you are; we give freely our honor-ship and ask you to honor this ship within you…

Be kind to all that is and to your is ness as well…

We greet you and thank you,

The Pegasians

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
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