Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.

— John Barrymore

Let Your Light Shine

Karen Downing

It is now time to let your light shine free. There is no longer any energy holding you bound to the third dimension, with the exception of your own beliefs. You can do whatever you to do, be what you want to be. Are you ready to have this much freedom in your life?

Over time the human condition has been defined by moments of servitude, powerlessness and authority. But, now that these types of energy dynamics will no longer be supported in the New Earth energies, things are going to be so much different then ever before.

Now, more than ever, your thoughts and beliefs dictate your life. If you do not believe deep within you that your light is worthy of shining freely, then it will not. But, if instead you believe that you are capable of anything, then you will begin to create a world of your own making.

Yes, there will still be some sort of structure in place where people are held accountable for things and actions, but this will be much different than before. You are truly limitless in your potential and when you live from that space of the heart, the world opens up before you.

What have you always wanted to do? You can now do it, as long as you believe in yourself and in the limitless power of the world around you. Most of humanity’s hang ups in learning to use this new energy will be because something will be brought into their life that shows them a limited belief or thought that they still need to work on releasing.

All of life is about lessons, lessons which take place so that you can break free from the cycle of incarnations and never come back to experience the pain of living on the Earth plane. Lessons are not bad or good, they are experiences. And, these experiences can be very difficult or very easy. On this school of the Earth plane, instead of lessons in math or reading, you might experiences lessons of love or loss. One is not better than the other, but you might find one or more subject matters to be easier than the rest.

Life is about learning lessons on these various subject matters, because through those lessons you are learning about yourself, what you are capable of and how to believe in and empower yourself in the face of adversity. The lessons that you are here to learn in this life can be found in your Astrology chart.

God does not want you to suffer, The Ultimate Being wants all souls to live a wonderful, loving and blissful life, but in order for that to happen, every soul must during the course of their spiritual life transcend their energetic ties to the Earth plane. The Earth plane has long been the most difficult sphere of learning because life lessons are not easy to conquer when faced with a world of fear. But, that fear is being removed. It is being removed by everyone who has ever stood up to a bully, who has ever taken their power back from a situation, who has ever believed in themselves and shared a smile with another.

Every soul who is on Earth is on the planet to work on their inner energy, not what they project outward, but how they feel on the inside. And, your light can shine free when there is nothing within that casts a shadow of doubt, fear, anger, despair, shame or guilt. After this triple eclipse period that has just ended, many of these shadows have been vanquished, and your light can now shine free.

The spiritual journey is about finding that place of wholeness within you, and realizing that the joy is in the journey itself, for it is ongoing, transcending the Earth plane and continues to evolve in the spiritual realms. It is not about striving to be perfect, everyone and everything already is perfect. The spiritual journey is about striving to understand yourself and your experiences and then teaching and sharing those experiences to others. As you create within yourself peace, love and understanding, you are able to share that energy with others around you. Let the light within you shine free.

Love, Aurora

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