He who says he can and he who says he cant are both usually right.

— Confucius

SaLuSa, July 13, 2011

There are many conflicting ideas as to how the final months will proceed through to Ascension. Our answer to that is to suggest that you do not hold too rigidly to your present views. Be ever ready to move according to what you learn as new, and be assured that much will be happening very soon. The entire picture is not held by any one individual, and many contribute to your knowledge. Intuitively you should know what to believe. In time there will be no doubts at all, as we will be able to be more open by contacting the public through television and the mass media. Also the Masters who are revered and whose word is respected, will walk amongst you once more. Be sure that by the time choices will have to be made, and people will know exactly what is at stake. Each soul will go within and become aware of their life plan, and if choosing not to ascend will have made a reasoned choice.

Once people can grasp the importance of each soul exercising its freewill and making its own path, they will realize that relationships for the purpose of earthly experiences are often only of a temporary nature. Therefore be prepared for friends or even family members to choose differently to you. Just imagine how many relationships you have experienced through several hundred lives on Earth. Wherever you travel you will find that many souls will recognize each other for that reason. The love vibration is the strong energy that keeps the link alive between you. When you meet your true family amongst your Space friends, it will certainly be a wonderful reunion and you will immediately recognize them. Some of you will meet before Ascension when you are invited aboard their craft, but that will not apply to everyone. When you consider these more personal aspects, you will realize what a wonderful time lays ahead.

The Chaos on Earth is actually increasing as the dark powers try to ignore the eventual outcome. Doing so will not make their problems go away, but will ensure their downfall, and it will also result in the changes becoming more urgent, and the people will clearly see that nothing short of a complete change will provide the answers. You are nearly at the half way house, where you have to decide whether you want to remain in duality or go forward and ascend. We know some of you wonder how that can apply to children or babes, and we will tell you that their decision was made before they incarnated. You might also question what the point is of them being on Earth for such a short period. The answer Dear Ones, is that they wish to link with their Earth family and it most likely means that they will go forward together.

The Plan for this Universe is immaculate and your little Earth is so important to the final outcome. You have an affect on everything that is far greater than you could possibly imagine. Your vibrations are not helpful to the other Suns and planets and that bears little relevance to your size. It is the low vibration that can unsettle things such as their orbits, although it has to be said that the Light is at present the dominant force. We are doing all we can to keep it that way, and can assure you that we will succeed. When you come down to basics, you will understand that everything around you is energy in some form or another.

The outpouring of energies that are being sent to Earth is achieving its goal of lifting you up. Many souls are noticing that they have slowly become much calmer, particularly when faced by circumstances that could easily have upset them. That is a sign that you are attracting the higher energies to yourself, and so it shall continue. As beacons of Light you are helping to transmute the lower energies, and hastening the time when they will have lost their power to dictate what takes place on Earth. Already it is declining and their frustration is showing as they hit out as a last desperate attempt to hold on to it. The Light grows faster and time is still speeding up, and that tells you how well you are doing in combating the attempts to deflect you from your path to Ascension.

As individuals you find it hard to access how the changes are progressing, but know that we of the Galactic Federation are always engaged in some activities in connection with Ascension. Most of them are carried out beyond your sight or are so subtle that you would not notice them anyway. That is possible because of our advanced technology, and our ability to secretly monitor everything that is going in. One area that would interest you is where Chemtrails are concerned as we have been clearing them away, as we have done in the past to keep your skies free from nuclear fall out. That much we are allowed to do, as the dark Ones do not have it all their own way. Pollution in general is something that we have kept down, in both your interests and that of Mother Earth. When we can work openly and the actions of the dark Ones are brought to a halt, we will complete the cleansing and that will take next to no time.

So you can see from the way we operate that you have little to worry about, as we are on top of the problems that beset you. We not only operate directly from our Spacecraft above your Earth, but also have some bases underground and on the seabed. Many have been in existence for millennia of time, and records of them exist in your ancient history. It is only in comparatively recent times that you have understood the meaning of such reports. Your flying shields, chariots, fiery balls and even Gods have been reference to the activity of Space Beings and their craft. In truth we have always been with you, and helped you out of problems that might have had serious consequences.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and we continue with our enlightenment of you, and you have come so far in a relatively short time. You have a good understanding of our place in your lives, and the ability to question what you are given. That we encourage as you should satisfy yourself that what you accept is in line with your conclusions. We never enforce our words upon you, but simply ask that you carefully consider what we pass on to you. You must know by now that eventually only the truth will remain, and every soul will eventually reach that level of understanding through raising their consciousness. Keep going and the pathway will gradually become much clearer and free from obstacles.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Source:   Galactic Channelings – Mike Quinsey

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