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MIRA from the Pleiadian High Council – June 20, 2011

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
channeled through Valerie Donner, June 20, 2011

Greetings, I am Mira. I greet you from the Pleiadian High council.

We are as close as ever to you. We are present in your skies. We stand by your shores. We watch you and breathe your atmosphere. Your wishes are our command. We modulate as much as possible the chaos of these times on the Earth. Present are we and shall be.

Some of you are aware of our presence and others would wish us away. I am pleased to say that we are here for the duration. The direction that the Earth is taking requires us to be of assistance. There is more need than ever for direction and guidance. This is a new type of ascension that is happening. It will be a bold venture for all of you. It is now becoming more obvious that the Earth and all of you are proceeding forward and towards a new way of living.

We can tell you that we are pleased with your progress. Those of you who are attendant to the needs of the Earth and to each other in the name of the Light are making giant strides in the cause of ascension. Little by little the third dimension becomes less real to you. What matters is that you do what matters. Spreading your love, Light, energy and attention where it is needed is paramount. We know that we can count on you. Likewise you can count on us. We are all contributing vast amounts to the process at hand.

There is a huge amount of energy and love coming from the Creator right now to you. It weaves back and forth. The Earth needs it. She needs all of us. It is through a miraculous process that the Earth is coming back into the fold of the galactic brotherhood and sisterhood. Change after change brings all of you closer to us in a profound manner. Your progress is amazing. The Creator wants you to know that too.

As time progresses you will feel like you don’t fit very well into your earthly garments and ways of being. You will be spending your time differently and you will even begin to look different in your human forms. We are merging together into the oneness of who we are and were intended to be. This can appear a little like a checkered pattern that flickers in and out of time and space. However, it is a pattern of sacredness, and change that manifests in a blend of harmony and peace. What does not fit and adapt to the new pattern will find itself on its way out.

This is akin to someone trying to wear shoes that no longer fit. It all works out in the adaptation to new space and time. The horizons are unlimited and bountiful if you follow the path of Light. Your potential is enormous. You will become the full remembrance of your mastery and your purposeful presence.
Little by little you will see that you have grown leaps and bounds. You will see that you are fulfilling your destiny in everything you do and in the reason that you are on the Earth right now. Remember that even when things seem cloudy and murky you will always know what to do. Trust that the path will be made clear. It takes patience and understanding. It is in this process and in our Creator that we must trust.

Rely less on information from the outside world and instead listen within. This is the source of your true inner guidance. You will need to trust self and to be calm and serene during times of chaotic change.
We are with you and so is all of creation.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian high council.

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