Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.

— Helen Keller

Wanderer of the Skies, 15th June

Greetings from the Federation:

These are truly exciting times. Much is happening right now that is part of the unfolding of the Disclosure process. It has begun. We find ourselves amazed at the Illuminati’s reaction to the their understanding that the time has now come for certain. They do not know which panic button to push first. They are scrambling to figure out ways to hide their tracks, cover their crimes, and position themselves for what think the Post-Disclosure world will look like. We do not mean to imply that we amuse ourselves at anyone’s tribulations. We simply point out that we monitor these actions and can tell you they are fruitless. Better to simply come over to the Light, give yourselves to Love, and find the way.

As we speak, there are many activities underway for the triggering event to occur. We are truly excited on our end that all seems to be pointing in the direction of Disclosure at this time. While we cannot say from what direction you can anticipate hearing the first “rounds” from the rifles of freedom, you can anticipate that there will be no doubt in your minds that we have orchestrated such an event.

In addition to all the planned events to ripple out from the first Disclosure volley, we stand ready to implement the introduction of the World Court for the attainment of justice against those who have hurt you. There are planned locations for these Courts and it may be sometime before we can assimilate all that must be put into place for these tribunals to operate. However, the Illuminati will not be going anywhere soon, and our technology will allow them to be found and tried no matter how much time will elapse.

In the weeks and months after Disclosure you can anticipate the free movement of all people across the globe without the need for your antiquated devices. This includes tourism on a massive scale, as everyone will now have access to discover your own race, let alone those of your Galactic Family, as never before. You will find, quite pleasantly, that you are not at all different from each other. Each of you has the same dreams, the same desires and the same goals and you can share ideas and time together as never before. These are but a few of the things which await you in the Post-Disclosure world.

Experience pure Joy, allow yourselves the freedom to feel the excitement of the coming moment, and share your Love with all your fellow kind.

Be at peace.

Source: Galactic Channeling

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