God is Love. Love is comprised of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

You Are the Inviter – Peggy Black and The Team

We are here to embrace you with our deep gratitude and to once again acknowledge your courage to be the anchor for the divine changes that are unfolding upon your planet and within the consciousness of humanity.

It is your daily actions that are supporting and bringing about these changes. Never doubt for a minute the conscious power that you have at your request. Recognize, own and acknowledge yourself as the true multidimensional being that you are. This is deep soul awareness and claiming, this recognition, this ownership of you as an aspect of divine consciousness. It is this awareness that you bring and embody in your physical form; anchor this knowing in your body and bones.

Your physical form is the vehicle, which allows your multidimensional self to take action in this dense dimension and reality. It is in this divine partnership that you are most effective in bringing about change. We acknowledge that the physical aspect of being can and often does take most of your attention and focus. We are just inviting you to merge your cosmic consciousness with your daily activities. It is from this heightened state of awareness that you influence the energy fields surrounding each activity.

The potent vibrations and frequencies from the galactic and celestial beings are triggering this heightened state of mind. There is tremendous internal activation occurring within each and every human. Many who do not have a framework for what is happening are merely pushing against this awakening. They are resisting this energy that is flooding their own vibrational fields. They are resisting the realization that they are more than a physical body. They are holding on to the dense dysfunctional reality out of fear of change.

You dear one who are reading these words understand that you are a significant part in the evolution of consciousness. Each and every time that you acknowledge your partnership with the celestial realms, each and every time you claim your ability to anchor a strong vibration of healing, love or compassion, you are doing your work and service. When your multidimensional self is recognized and then anchored into the body, you offer to all those you encounter a vibration and frequency that activates their own knowing. Humans are at all times exchanging energy data, vibrations and frequencies that are beyond the spoken words.

When you offer a powerful vibration of love, joy or gratitude you are literally gifting everyone you meet with the embrace of a coherent energy. This can and does trigger a matching response within the other. It is entrainment. This is one aspect of service you can offer no matter what you are doing or with whom, this is who you are in the collective, you are an up-lifter, and you are a life-enhancer.

Now you can consciously add verbal acknowledgments to your encounters with others. Humans long to be recognized and appreciated. Everyone wants to be witnessed and heard. It is from your multidimensional self that you radiate acceptance and understanding of your fellow humans. Each time you offer encouragement, gratitude and compassion to another, you are adding more light awareness to the collective.

Recognizing your own multidimensional self, anchoring this energy into your physical vehicle and then calling upon the divine beings of love and light to partner with you as you walk in this dimension of reality, is the most powerful action you can consciously take. It is the act of an awake, aware being who realizes that they are a portal, a doorway for divine energy to come forth.

It is your birthright, to connect and actively work with the beings of light and love. This is a free will planet and as such, the beings of consciousness in the non-physical realms will only observe until they are invited. They will offer their loving frequency, however there must be a human to anchor that frequency, to be the chalice to welcome and express their loving support. Therefore, it is important that you become the chalice, the anchor and the inviter.

When you realize your ability to connect with the loving beings of consciousness you expand your work and service to this planet and humanity. You can then take an active part in the transformation of consciousness in partnership with divine beings of healing, angels and archangels, galactic brethren, star elders, the consciousness of the elements and the elementals.

It is through you that they are able to support and assist in your planet’s evolution. You are the human who invites and welcomes their presence. Your heart portal then becomes the doorway for their love and light to come through. Your aware focus and intention can direct this cosmic and divine energy to the various conflicts and tragedies on the planet.

Each time you witness an event that expresses some aspect of dysfunction, call upon and invite these celestial energies to uplift and transmute what is occurring. There are no limitations here; when you activate the call, when you consciously invite, there will always be a response. Hold the intention for the highest and the best results to unfold for all that are involved. Hold the intention of harm to none.

Remember to use your personal power to focus and honor all life. You are the inviter; you are the portal, the chalice that is allowing this divine consciousness, these potent vibrations of life enhancing support to bathe this reality.

It is in this divine partnership with your personal guides and teams that your true mastery is coming about. You are a galactic being here to uplift the consciousness of this planet. Step into this knowing, realize that there are no limitations; you are an energy alchemist owning the ability to transmute and transform dense energy in partnership with the celestial beings of light and consciousness.

When you are in this divine partnership, your every action becomes sacred. You begin to infuse every particle of physical reality with divine light and love. You become a blessing to everyone and everything. You recognize and appreciate your oneness with all.

You acknowledge the incredible beauty, wonder and exquisite offerings of your physical reality. You honor the unique qualities of others as you offer your loving vibrations and compassion for their trials and challenges. You appreciate the awesome diversity of all life forms. You begin to live in a state of grace, anchoring this vibration no matter what is occurring around you. You hold and secure the vision of a world of peace and wholeness.

This is why you are here. This is your gift. We realize that the physical reality that is your life with your loved ones, your activities, your doubts and worries, can sometimes push aside your true remembering. We are here to remind you of your magnificence. We are here to remind you to claim your unlimited power as the master alchemist that you are. We are here to honor and acknowledge you, to witness and appreciate all that you do.

We embrace you with our love and deep respect for your courage. Call upon our support, call upon support and assistance from the galactic and celestial realms of divine love and light. Remember you are the inviter, you are the anchor, you are the portal. The ‘team’

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