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5 Steps to Discover your Real Life Purpose

by Jafree Ozwald

If you’d like to experience a real pizzazz and joy for life, start your day with meditating on your life purpose. There is something magical, super powerful and healing that happens when you are in touch with why you are here, and what you’re here to do. All your so called “problems” no longer have a grip on you. You are sooo excited, focused and exuberantly on fire about being ALIVE that you cannot even stoop down to feel anything of a lower vibration. Perhaps the greatest effect of all is that it becomes extremely contagious and everyone around you begins to live with this unstoppable joy inside.

Discovering your REAL life purpose is possible by doing this exercise down below. The first step is to understand that you may be operating under a false pretense that you are living your life purpose fully now. If you are not jumping out of bed with total elation and orgasmic joy for being alive, then you are probably fooling yourself that you’re living on purpose. As children you were conditioned by your parents, friends, and siblings who told you what you SHOULD do with your life. Following their ideas about what will make you happy, successful, or a “good little kid” became your new habits for receiving acceptance, love and approval. This soon became what I’ll call your Imprinted Life Purpose, that only can lead to a life that’s robot-like, unconscious and produces no real fulfillment.

The more awareness you can bring to seeing what your Imprinted Purpose is, the less power it has in shaping the rest of your life. Finding your life purpose actually comes from revealing your “Imprinted Purpose”. Did you ever see the movie, “The Wizard of Oz”? When they were in the Emerald City, the wizard had a tremendous influence over Dorothy and her friends until they found out that a fear-based little man was behind the curtain pulling levers on a machine creating a lot of smoke and special effects. Once you begin to ‘pull away the curtain’ on your Imprinted Purpose, your true life purpose will begin to reveal itself and you can tap your red sparkling shoes 3 times to find your way home.

A few tips to help you first see your “Imprinted Life Purpose”…

* It is a reason for living, doing, thinking and being that is all based in fear, in a need to survive. It’s what makes us think we should do to be able to “make it” in the world.

* It always leaves you with a sense of “Is that all there is?” When your life is shaped by your imprinted Purpose, we’re constantly left unsatisfied and unfulfilled with everything we do.

* It is a deep part of you that is very transparent, like water is to a fish. The fish isn’t aware it lives in the ocean, yet the waves have tremendous influence on the fish’s direction in life.

* It’s what runs the show when you’re on automatic.


1. Watch the Movie of Your Life. Starting with your earliest memories, take several hours (or as much time as you can afford) to sit down, relax with a bucket of popcorn and watch the whole movie of your life from beginning to now. It’s a really great show so you’ll want to take some notes! Imagine yourself as a movie reviewer sitting in the seats of your fantasy movie theater watching The Life and Times of [name]. Your job at the end of the movie will be to write a review of it. You’ll want to take at least 30 minutes to write this review. Below is a format to help you write this review, just be sure to include lots of fun juicy details!

2. The first thing to write is the Movie Script. On a blank sheet of paper, draw a straight line in the middle of the page from the top to the bottom. This line represents your Life Line. Write the high points on the right side of the line and the low points on the left side. Write out the catalytic events, the pivotal turning points, from your earliest memories, large and small, include everything that has truly shaped your life.

3. On the top of the page write out your Movie’s Theme. To do this, scan through your list of events along the Life Line and look for what could possibly be this Movies’ Theme. Every movie has a theme — boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back, etc. What’s the MAJOR theme of your movie? Write out 2-3 sentences that sum up the major theme of your life.

4. Look to see how your Life Events created your Imprinted Purpose. Review the criteria of an imprinted Purpose and begin linking it to feelings and memories you identified with in the movie of your Life. Identify the role you were playing in this movie and connect it with your imprinted Purpose. Be real and be specific! In 2-3 sentences write down what you think your Imprinted Purpose is. Use words you heard from people who impacted you the most in your childhood experiences (when your Imprinted Purpose was formed) and write down what you believe your Imprinted Life Purpose has been. Notice if there’s anything missing or anything extra needed and if it fits the qualities of an Imprinted Purpose.

5. It’s time to be creative and discover your real Life Purpose! Take a deep long look at your Imprinted Purpose and see if you can first imagine what would be the opposite feeling, vibration or mission of this experience. Ask yourself what makes you feel free, alive, excited and on fire! What actions, behavior, gifts or service to the world will make you jump out of bed every morning with JOY even if you’re never paid for it? Imagine a way of being, thinking and doing things in the world what that makes your heart sing your greatest song.

View all the inspirational aspects that were responsible in you for all the high points you listed on the right side of the page. What was really driving you to create those amazing experiences? What is the contribution you were wanting to make to the world all along? Write down a few trial statements about what kind of life would truly inspire you to be living that make you feel warm and tingly inside. Make a list of possible ideas and read them OUT LOUD. Then create one general statement to the world for what you FEEL your life purpose truly is! Don’t get stuck on it, it may grow and change. You will most likely refine it later if needed. Just have fun and be creative! You cannot mess up, just do whatever makes you feel super happy and alive!


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