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Give thanks for illusions – they do not last!

06/15/2011 by John Smallman

There is an increasing sense of excitement as the moment for humanity’s awakening into full consciousness draws ever closer. You have indeed spent eons in the illusion, hoping, praying, and waiting for the moment for the illusion – the nightmare filled with misery and suffering – to fade from your memories as you awaken into the glorious Light of Reality.

You had been filled with doubt, anxiety, skepticism, and fear as you worried and wondered if there really was a god, a heaven, a home where you belonged and could live in eternal joy, or if there was a hell far worse than the illusion, or even nothing at all. And because of those fears, you intensified your efforts to make the illusion real, to convince yourselves that what you experienced through your bodily senses was all that existed, and you dismissed any thoughts of possible other realms of existence.

It was comforting because it was familiar and seemed so real. And also terrifying! Because the time available for you to experience it and perhaps find some measure of happiness and satisfaction, in an almost invariably unsatisfactory environment, was so short, before your body started to disintegrate and your life was snuffed out. Limitation, suffering, and decay enshrouded you, and it seemed you were helpless victims in a vast and hostile place from which the only possibility of release or escape was into the apparent nothingness of death. A truly miserable prospect.

However, you now know that you are powerful and immortal beings, children of God, waiting to awaken as the nightmare fades into nothingness and you enter a state of everlasting joy, peace, and contentment. The future, the eternal present, is bright. In fact, it is amazingly brilliant! And your enjoyment of it will be incomparable to anything you might have experienced or could have imagined while immersed, as you are, in the depths of your quite insane and painful illusory reality.

Give thanks for illusions – they do not last! Although you seem to have been immersed in one for an eternity, it has been only an instant – a tiny and insignificant moment since it occurred and was over. One of the reasons it appears to have lasted so long is because separation from God (were it possible) would be excruciatingly painful as it occurred, and, in the process, would have destroyed you. In the illusion, when you are in pain you experience time as slowing down – thus intensifying the pain – and so the apparent slowing-down, due to separating from God, would seem interminable – eons long – because the pain would be so intense. You do not have the ability to bear such intense pain, so the illusion you have made smothers an enormous percentage of it, leaving you only with the sense of an interminably long period of time. And that is coming to an end. As I told you, illusions cannot and do not last because they do not exist.

Reality is eternal, and that is where you have eternal existence – in everlasting wonder in the Presence of God. You are to awaken into that utterly magnificent and intensely brilliant state, leaving behind all painful and unhappy memories, which will fade away with the illusion. There will be nothing to disturb your happiness or unsettle your sense of complete safety because in that state there is only divine perfection.

With so very much love, Saul.

© John Smallman

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