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High Council of Orion message 10th June

Welcome beloveds, we are once more filled with gratitude and blessings to be able to communicate with you all at this time. The energies are now flooding across planet earth and this is increasing the symptoms and changes that are occurring both within your human body and around you. The heart chakra is where humans store their pain, as these energies move and flux across the planet many of you will begin to have strange symptoms that your modern medicine may find difficult if not impossible to diagnose. You now move towards living in a multi dimensional way and this is bringing more emotion through your physical BEing to move through and begin to heal.

Many of you may have experienced what you term “past life regression”, where you travel back in time to a “previous” life and connect with the experiences there in order to help heal them in this life journey. We guide you strongly to realise that you do not move BACK in time, that the person in the other life journey is YOU and you are now beginning to have access to that YOU in THIS life time.

Humans view time in a very linear way and we note and appreciate why you do this but we guide you open your minds to a new way of BEing. The universe does not work from back to front, the universe JUST IS. Seize the opportunity when it arises to heal what you have taken through to this life time by accessing your energies in different dimensions in order to heal them fully in this lifetime.

Many of you will be having strange physical symptoms that you cannot relate to, pains in the chest, rashes, blisters, unexplained headaches, stabbing pains in your arms and legs etc. Know that the YOU in an other dimension is being accessed in order for you to heal. You are a BEing of the universe, you live multiple lives across different planets at any one time, all this is coming into balance for all of you. The more you can expand your senses and process this information the smoother the transition to the “new” world that you will have.

Meditation is a valuable tool for you at this time. The space that is within you is your gateway to source, use this gateway to explore the universe around you. Allow the energies to open up and sense what is around you. We are ALL connected, to each other, to the other realms, to other planets, the universe is ONE. This is a relatively new concept to many humans across the planet and one we are fully aware that has been kept from you. Many of you have been programmed to believe ONLY your eyes and ears and part of that programming was to tell you what to see with your eyes and what to hear with your ears. We guide you strongly to be fully aware of the limits that places on your human body. Take a moment to fully digest how contained you have been for thousands of years.

Now is the time of walking the planet with the blinkers and the ear protectors OFF. For many of you this process will take some time as you refuse to believe that you have been fooled this way by many for so long. We guide you strongly to sit with the truth and ask that you process this through your heart. Somewhere along the way you realised that there was more and now you have begun to awaken, you experience more.

Each human BEing across the planet will move to ascension at their own speed. It is foolish to try to wake up those around you if they are not ready. You will further propel them into the denial that has been forced upon them as they cling to it to try to control and anchor their lives. We guide you all strongly to allow others TO BE. None of you are here on this life journey to “save” another, you cannot make another human see what they are not ready to see. We feel the questions that you have now in your minds and we reassure you that those who are asleep will begin to wake. The energies across the planet will stir within them the questioning and the energy that those awake have will also begin to stir them. Be very aware beloveds of your energy signatures. These are NEVER turned off, so you carry and SPREAD your energy wherever you go. This sees a vast majority of you spreading more light and love across the planet. Many of you will be having thoughts of the reasons that you have travelled so far for so long. This was necessary to help spread the light to areas where the light was not so intense.

It is human nature to travel and the universe has facilitated this travel with many of you. Likewise if you feel that travel plans have had to be put on hold, know this was for your own good and that it was not appropriate for your energy to be where you thought you needed to be at that time. More of you will move around the planet in due course. Many of you will take residence in countries that you have never given a second thought to. We guide you at this time to go with the flow and let things come into creation for you.

Human BEings are moving more into creation mode every day and we guide and highlight this to you so that you are aware of the manifestation that you can bring through. All is created within the mind and on the etheric before it is brought through into your waking life on the planet. As you hold more and more light the manifestation process is accelerated. It is VITAL that you watch you thoughts and hold on to the positive and reinforce ONLY the positive when manifesting. You are able to manifest both positive and negative. For many of you this will have already occurred. For those asleep it will occur more rapidly as they are fully unaware of the importance of their thoughts.

We hope that you will now begin to more fully see how imperative it is that the lightworkers and wayshowers across the planet hold the space for those just waking and those still asleep. As those asleep plunge into fear and darkness you will need to spread more light across the planet, to situations, to war zones, to people, to help hold the space for them. Energy healing will move into a new way of working for many of you as you begin to really feel the new energies.

As we guided already to you many of you will be able to more fully pick up others vibrations and emotions. Please take a moment to realise what it is like to be fully asleep on your planet at this time. For many humans across the planet this is the armageddon they have been warned about. They see no way out, they see chaos, fear and pain. KNOW this is only illusion trying to hold on to these humans to be able to function. Once you begin to hold the space for your fellow humans the illusion will begin to break down for them. Use not your words to try to alert them to what is happening, instead shine your light on them and live your truth.

Words can be used in a variety of ways and human nature has progressed to the “spin”. That is another reason why we guide you to process how something makes you FEEL. The difference is important, if you process all through your heart and trust how you FEEL then you will not be drawn into the illusion. You will be fully alert to what it is that you are being fooled with, your heart will tell you.

The human heart is going through a change process at this time and it is vital that you allow the people, places and events stored in your hearts to go. If you are unable to venture into your heart space then you are unable to fully experience the new world and you will lower your vibration once more. As we are all connected at all times it makes little sense to store people and places within the heart chakra. You are able to access those who are no longer with you on the planet in the physical at any time through your hearts. This may seem too painful for many of you to fully digest but it is possible.

Be aware of the ability that will grow and strengthen among you to be able to access information from many different realms much more easily than ever before. As we guide previously as you become more aware of the connection between everything and everyone you will soon be able to access at will. We guide you to go slowly with this ability until you fully feel comfortable with it and ALWAYS hold love and compassion within your BEing whilst doing this.

These are exciting times for the human race, begin to FEEL what it is like to be a child of the universe and fill yourself up with the love of the universe. Humans were never meant to live in pain and fear and be filled with dread upon living. That is the illusion trying to contain the magnificient BEings that you truly are. Take back your power and your freedom our fellow brothers and sisters and truly FEEL what is like to be part of the universe.

We step back now to allow you to digest our words. We will give further guidance on the multi dimensional aspect of BEing in due course. Many of you will be familiar with this concept, many of you will not. It will be explained further across many different channels as we support your new existence and way of BEing. You need never rush further than you feel comfortable with, there is no rush to ascend. All will be well beloveds, trust in the process, trust in yourselves. We are your brothers and sisters from the stars, we are the high council of orion.

© Karen Doonan

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