The only tyrant I accept in this world is the still voice within.

— Gandhi

A call to arms

I am Athena, Goddess of War, Wisdom and Truth and I greet you in love and pleasure.

I come forward today to make a call to arms.

Many lightworkers are moving between 5D and 3D, unsure what their call to service is as the layers are peeled away. Each one of you is connected with your higher self, who will lead you forward into battle. But this is a battle with a difference. In years past, battle meant death and destruction. These times are over, except for those 3D scenes still playing out.

We are now tempering battle with compassion, love, empathy and kindness. Our numbers are far greater than they have been. Your battle arms are shields of light and swords of truth.

Those still living in the 3D world are to be given a helping hand. Each one of those incarnated on earth is important. One goes up, everyone goes up. There are some who will choose not to, but until the final moment, that decision is not definite as there is a chance to change minds. Some of you are far stronger and further along the path. As we climb the mountain, hold out a helping hand to those who are having difficulty.

The dark side has had a very strong foothold here on Mother Earth, which is slipping away hour by hour. They are desperately attempting to reclaim it. Many ‘humans’ are so infested with dark energy they are having trouble finding their way to the light. When we talk about ‘dark’ energy we mean ‘negative’. A being that finds solace in the dark night is not evil. So from now on we will talk about ‘negative’ rather than ‘dark’, to avoid confusion.

You all have relatives and friends comfortably ensconced in the world of negativity. They will have a negative entity (or several) attached to them. Gossip is one form of negativity that allows an entity such as this to attach to one. Any negative word or action from you against another creates a chink in your armour of light and sends a spear of emotion that pierces the individual to whom you directed your words or actions. It doesn’t matter how negative the person is, keep sending them light and love until finally this energy finds an opening. It is similar to water finding a small crack. It keeps flowing and flowing until finally the crack becomes a larger and larger hole allowing the light to flood into their being. The more you send them light and love, the stronger you and they become. Be aware that feeling smug about where you are as a lightworker compared to others, will create an opening for a negative entity to slowly insinuate itself into your energy field or could mean it is attached already and growing. Remember you are no better than anyone else, you are simply further along the path.

Make sure every day that you have no attachments of your own. Sit quietly and examine your body and your energy field. Ask Archangel Michael to cut any ties that are attached to you or use your own sword of truth. Also ensure that you have a constant replenishment of energy and are not giving out your energy to your detriment. The universal energy should simply flow through you, without you having to use your own reserves. This work should not make you tired. If it does then there is a leak somewhere and it is up to you to find it. The tiredness you will feel is similar to feeling drained. Many of us are drawn to helping family or friends by propping them up with our energy, thereby depleting ourselves. Don’t to this. The drained feeling is very different to that of the tiredness of ascending. During ascension your body is changing and using energy to create these changes. If you add your family members to this use of your energy, your body will finally give up.

Be aware of anything attaching to you. Constantly scan your body and energy fields. The stronger your light, the greater the negativity you will attract as they wait for you to create an opening that they can attach to. Many of them are unaware that they would like to return to the light. They are simply attracted to you and by their very nature will attempt to make you like them. Send them love and use the violet flame to transmute them.

Those of you are prepared to be front line warriors, use your back up. Every army has their back ups, such as those who cook and clean, cut hair, masseurs, therapists, etc. No army can march on an empty stomach, on tired feet or in discomfort. Your discomfort will become your downfall. Reach out to other lightworkers or to the angelic beings who are flooding the earth. You are never alone. You merely have to ask. In making the request for help make sure you are heart centred. Keep your energy field and your body in good condition. This is not being selfish, but being smart.

My final piece of advice is – don’t dwell on the negative so that it lands up dragging you down. Simply accept that it is around and use your abilities when you need to.

Choose your battles well, dear ones and may your light shine strongly.

And so it is

May you be held in the hand of Mother/Father God, until we meet again.

I am Athena



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