We are each unique musical notes in the grand symphony of Love.

Kris Won, June 4th

May has prepared the ground for June to be fruitful. The die is cast. You are going to contemplate the wonderful events that will occur this month and the next, and even in August they will be present, a most unique and unforgettable Summer. The Summer will leave behind a “seeded path” in order for the Fall to gather its fruits and for the dawn of a spectacular and completely renewed Winter.

Yes, dear ones, be alert, for this year will be very special. If you allow me, I will not identify myself because it does not matter who the messenger is, what’s important is the message. Time will show you that my words are true, within a very short period of time, within an already immediate future…

Remain alert only, remain alert, know how to read the signs in the sky, the evidence left behind on the earth, the messages of Light left in the minds of some messengers we are in contact with… and be privileged to be taking part in this Great Work as members themselves of the team that will be the protagonist of this beautiful story with a beautiful ending (ending?).

I bless you, on behalf of my Father, Who never abandons you, and on behalf of my Mother, Who wraps you up without rest, pouring out Her Immaculate and Divine Maternal Love over your still asleep consciousness…

Be happy always, whatever happens, and do not look at the future with fear or uncertainty, but with complete confidence in the Creator of the Universe Who is bringing the seeds of the New Earth to sow them in your hearts. Fill them up with Love and feelings of brotherhood! And transmit them (to others) wherever you go, impregnate all Souls you meet with that Love.

Amen, amen, amen, bless, bless, bless, without rest.

In the name of everyone’s God.

Channel: Kris-Won
Kris Won (GalacticChannelings)

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