Life speaks to Life, and sings itself through all of its Forms. Life sings in Light, Wind, Water, and arises from the Earth. Life is Pure, and Virtuous. Life is Joyous, and Transcendent. Life is all there is, and this is what you are! Sing your Life in the Grand Chorus of the Universe! Join in with the Joyous Web of Life!

— James Clair Lewis

Lightworker Daily Reminder & Prayer

This Day I Will Re-member
I ask that spirit walk with me this day and that I have the courage to carry this truth within me in all that I do. To fully stand in my own truth and power is to honor the spirit within. Help me today to re-member both who I am and who I am not. Who I am is magnificent, yet to carry a facade of who I am not only detracts from that magnificence.

To accept the truth of my own limitations clears the path to carrying my true power. I know that holding my power is only possible when I am not afraid of being vulnerable. This day I will balance my ego by checking it often and seeing my true motivations. I accept the power that is rightfully mine and will use it to create Home on this side of the veil.

I ask that I may allow Spirit to emanate from me to all who choose to look upon me, that I may be a perfect mirror so that they may see the God within themselves. Help me to touch their hearts with my Love and allow them to re-member Home and who they really are as I re-member who I am. As Spirit walks with me this day I remember to give thanks for the gift of Spirit on my shoulder. May I always use it to the highest good of all concerned.

I vow to enjoy this day to its fullest and to laugh at every opportunity. This day I will play the wonderful Game and I will carry the vibrations of Home in every move on the Gameboard.

This day I will Re-member.

by lightworker

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