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June Vibes, Galactic Federation of Light / Sharon-Ann Riley

Greetings Masters

Many of you have ascertained that the only way “to be”, is living in transparency. The energy of the fifth and higher dimensions are that of unconditional love and so anything not in alignment will come up immediately. Those who have lived in victimhood, martyrdom, difficulty in expressing, suppression and too afraid to speak their truth are being pushed out into the frontlines to address outdated energies…again. This is not to humiliate or judge you…this is to release all the illusions and fear codes so you are able live in abundance and unconditional love. The way of Humanity is not through suffering. It is time to take ownership of your lives and go within. This is Freedom. This is choice. This is the way of your God within. There is no external influence dear ones. It is time for all of you to see the wood for the trees.

Humanity is in the process of learning to be still in silence. Every day your untrained minds sponge false external information, therefore it is important for your progression to start each day with an empty cup. You are concerned with the continuation of the planet yet you ignore the contamination of the Multi-verse that dwells within your own body and spirit. What effects One effects all. Start in your own house and see the speedy changes that occur in your outer world.

We understand that this may feel like a new concept, but dear ones your inner knowing tells you differently. It is never too late to change your awareness. Take time to reassess as you are ever evolving and constant review is necessary in your new multidimensional reality.

June activates the end of linear time. The new Zero Point reality is ushered in with the shamanic energy of the Serpent. The Zero Point brings with it the vibration of eternity. New awakened creative forces will increase the accuracy of individual intuition. The energy of the serpent is that of wholeness, cosmic consciousness and the ability to experience without resistance.

As you walk into the higher dimensions so too do you download the understanding that there is equality to all creation. Holding this truth will allow positive transitions, opportunities and changes. The great mother invites all her children to accept the gift of Fire Magick and the ability to transmute energy in all dimensions.

The serpent is a reminder that even though it may seem that nothing is happening – everything is happening. The serpent has also appeared to transmute the lower base chakras with Kundalini energy. This shift will replace the primal DNA encoding with crystalline thus allowing the attainment of eternal Bliss in the physical.

3 important eclipses will take place over the next 4 weeks; starting with a partial solar eclipse on June 1st, total lunar eclipse June 15th and partial solar eclipse on July the 1st.

The eclipses open a geometrical triangle portal which activates the complete removal of the crucifixion codes from the planet. Mass religious uprisings and riots are to be expected in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Dear ones Understand that many are fighting for an idea that is not yet cognitive however all those that are part of “mass” conscious movements feel indifference. How this shift plays out is up to individual choice. Now more than ever before it is important to control the flow of your own projections and fear. When you feel negativity rising up go into meditation and release, let go and surrender until stillness returns.

The tri – portal will be fully activated and stabilised by the 6-6 gateway on the 6 of June. The energy of 6 will initiate a natural affinity for all those that have already chosen to ascend, to be in harmony with the earth. Many will elect to become environmentally conscious, aware and get involved with alternative energy campaigns.

The new moon on June 1st is a powerful day to set your intentions and goals for what you would like to achieve over the next few weeks.

The June Solstice on the 21st, Summer in the Northern hemisphere and Winter in the South, is one of the most sacred days of 2011. On this day all dimensions known and unknown will be in complete alignment with the Platinum Ray. This will give many a brief glimpse of what zero point reality will be like. Paranormal and Galactic activity will peak as there will be no veils, no illusions! Use this time to connect with the other earthly realms and galactic civilisations. Some of you might come into contact with new guides and discover new spiritual gifts. This day is truly a powerful gift….make the most of it!!

Your light body is constantly upgraded and sometimes you will experience physical symptoms. This month you can expect your skin to be more sensitive than usual. As you move out of the known physical realms your body needs time to adjust to the new lighter vibration. Skin rashes, acne breakouts and UV light sensitivity are to be expected. Blurry eyesight might occur as you higher chakras constantly morph as you connect to the lower cerebellum and as your pineal gland produces higher amounts of crystalline.

Many of you working in the astral will experience lethargy it would be advisable to consult with a naturopath to get the best supplement and nutritional advice. Please note that as you become more transparent people’s true agendas, thoughts and energies will naturally be revealed to you. As the fear codes fight for dear life to remain in the 3D, the fear frequency that others project is like ectoplasm. Holes in your aura can allow contamination of these projections. Invoke the platinum ray to heal and seal your aura constantly during the day and you should notice an instant shift.

We stress the fact that not all physical symptoms you experience are due to ascension and we recommend the assistance of a qualified physician in such cases.

To fully harness June’s energy all you need do is trust your body and stand your ground. There is no time to mince your words, talk from your heart and say what you mean. The power of intention is in the here and now…..

In closing we wish you many blessings and remember all you need to do is be yourself.

Until the next time…

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