It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

— Ahim-sa

Wanderer of the Skies – June 5, 2011

Greetings from the Federation:

It is quite difficult to maintain faith in what you are doing towards Ascension when so much is going on around you. We thank you all for your efforts and rejoice when even one more person awakens, albeit in the smallest of ways. It gives us great joy to know that we will, shortly, be able to converse with you as you would your neighbor across the fence on a nice afternoon. We too have longed for such conversations. You have always believed that it would be you who benefits from such conversations but we say we would equally benefit, since you have much to offer us in your unique physical state. We are in awe of your raw power, as yet unknown to most of you, or more correctly, just becoming known, and the yet to be harnessed power of your raw spirituality. You are beings who are much revered in the galaxy, despite your penchant for war and self destruction. We know these things are not your true state, and once disclosure occurs and the Illuminati have seen their last days dictating how you are to live, you will rise up as one for peace, for love, and for all that is good for the individual and humanity as a whole.

Our confidence remains high that this month will produce a seminal event which will open the floodgates to disclosure. It is difficult to tell where it will come from, however, as the 田racks in the dam・are becoming great in many areas and at many levels. It will be difficult for the Illuminati to 菟lug up・much more of these leaks, and your collective will is indeed pushing forward the agenda at a quickened pace.

Business continues to ready itself for the disclosure event. You may wish to check your patent offices to see how many otherwise 田lassified・devices that are within your knowledge at the present now have open patent applications. Big corporations are the last bastion of the Illuminati and we are now seeing those cornerstones crumbling as more and more businesses take on the model of cooperative venture and not competitive advantage.

This is the time when, darkest before the dawn, one can despair easily as one looks around the world and sees how hopeless it seems. But this is not the case. Just the opposite, in fact, as we see it as the most exciting time of all. You are there. And you have chosen to be here, in this moment, since long before you were born. Rejoice in your choice. It is a most exciting time. We stand ready on our end to assist you. Stand ready on yours to assist each other. We marvel most, and stand in awe of you without peer, at the depth and intensity of your compassion for each other as earth human beings.

Be at peace.

Source:  Galactic Channelings – Wanderer of the Skies

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