Keep on Loving…

You are starting to believe that you truly are God’s beloved children

Life in the nightmare that you believe is reality is exhausting. It is filled with distractions that cause fear and anxiety, so that many feel they have to take precautions to protect themselves from attack, which they feel can happen when least expected. They play out numerous scenarios in their heads in which they imagine themselves setting up barriers which will protect them from suffering, or from which they reach out to attack before they can be attacked. Living in fear, and preparing to defend yourselves or to attack others, takes inordinate amounts of your energy.

Every human is a beloved child of God, and to fear one another is insane. Your Father loves you all equally and wants only your happiness, but if you keep fighting with, misleading, or betraying each other in attack or defense, for whatever reason, you are in effect blocking out and refusing to accept the abundance of Love that He holds out to you constantly.

To experience that Love, you have to reach out in compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and love to all with whom you interact, while forgoing any temptation to judge others, or to justify any unkind thoughts, words, or actions in which you may have indulged. Any attacking thoughts, words, or actions that you foster or focus on intensify your apparent need to blame, judge, and condemn one another, and are a reflection of your own sense of lack, inadequacy, and low self-esteem. Judgment of others is merely a projection of your own harsh self-judgment that is too painful to acknowledge, and so you are constantly on the look-out for suitable targets at which you can direct it.

In the illusory environment in which humans have their existence, you are all behaving, to a greater or lesser degree, in ways that can only be described as insane. The True You – the perfect divine Being that your Father created – has hidden itself under an intensely egoic disguise, as it acts out the part of the character it has chosen to play in this ongoing fictional drama that you call human existence. Your acting abilities are so good that you succeed in convincing one another that the part you are playing is real, while hidden within each of you is such a great sense of dissatisfaction and self-doubt, that you are forever measuring yourselves against all the other players in this human drama in a desperate attempt at self-justification. But because your doubts are so deep-seated and ingrained in your egoic human character, your constant attempts to achieve this mythical state are bound to fail.

But this is your escape device! – as constant self-doubt and disappointment keep you questioning the meaning of life. To live as a human attempting to behave in a humane fashion cannot succeed because the egoic nature of the character you are disguised as, and are playing, is forever seeking outside approval to compensate for its sense of inadequacy. . . of not being good enough. It does not matter how much approval, praise, or honor it receives; the gnawing sense of self-doubt remains, either driving the character to despair, or to ever greater efforts to achieve. Eventually the character will be driven to accept its life situation and the various psychological, emotional, and intellectual personality traits with which it seems to be endowed, as it realizes that they can only be modified, not changed. And this is the first step towards leaving the illusion.

As humans experiencing life in the illusion, it is impossible for you not to feel dissatisfied and disappointed because deep within you the divine Flame of God’s love remains alight, however determinedly you try to snuff it out or ignore it. Along with that inextinguishable Flame are faint ethereal and ephemeral memories, of which you catch only the most fleeting glimpses – memories of Reality, your eternal Home. This is why human existence is dissatisfying and disappointing for you. You know life should be blissful, and yet every effort to achieve that state fails abysmally. How could it not? You were created in Love, to enjoy eternal ecstasy – and then you hid in an insane, imaginary environment filled with misery, pain, and suffering. There is absolutely no meeting-point between these two extremes. And of course the illusion is non-existent, nothing at all, so there are no two extremes; there is only your heavenly Home. All else is smoke and mirrors, which for eons you have been trying to convince yourselves are real.

Over the last few centuries an awareness has been growing that everyone, without exception, should be treated with loving kindness, not harshly judged and punished. This is the underlying message in all your world’s major religions and philosophies, and yet most people only paid that message lip service while continuing to live heartless, egoic lives. Finally the wars and the population explosion of the twentieth century have acted as clarion calls to draw your attention to the ceaseless inhuman behavior that had become endemic, and to your responsibility to bring that senseless behavior to a close.

Those who are practicing loving kindness in their daily lives – and the numbers of you doing so are swelling – are experiencing a new sense of peace and satisfaction. Yes, most of you find yourselves unable to maintain that behavior constantly, but your awareness that it is the only sane and practical way to live has become firmly established. And as you learn to treat yourselves kindly and to forgive yourselves for your errors and misbehaviors, you will find yourselves accepting and forgiving one another, and being willing to help those who seek your assistance.

The abundant divine energy currently enveloping the planet is making it much easier for you to let go of your constant need to judge – even if only for very short periods of time – further adding to your growing sense of peace, as you start to believe that you truly are God’s beloved children. When you awaken from the nightmare, then, of course, you will know it.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by © John Smallman

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