We are each unique musical notes in the grand symphony of Love.

The very structure of society is heading for major renewal

Humanity’s travails, as the great awakening event approaches, do seem to be intensifying if you are reliant on the mainstream media for your information. But the mainstream mostly reports what is politically expedient with regard to international affairs, and delights in taking sides and encouraging confrontation and disagreement. Reasoned discussion to address and seek solutions to problems is rarely found there. So do not be unduly discouraged or distressed by what they report.

Humanity itself is changing as old aggressive attitudes and behaviors are starting to be replaced by ones which encourage and promote kindness, generosity, sensitivity, and cooperation. This is even occurring within the military as the inadvisability and unforeseen consequences of their activities are leading to a complete re-evaluation of their function in society. These changes in attitudes worldwide are essential precursors to your awakening, and they are occurring at a rate that has never before been seen, and which many would have thought to be impossible.

Changes of a most uplifting and essential nature are happening very rapidly right across the planet, and many are finding themselves quite overwhelmed by the new possibilities that they present. The very structure of society is heading for major renovation and renewal that will finally remove the restrictions that have weighed so heavily on the majority of humans for so long. Signs of this are apparent all over the world, as the downtrodden and disadvantaged peacefully protest their totally inadequate and unacceptable living conditions. Protests like these have happened before on a smaller scale, in limited areas, and have been successful. Now, society as a whole is to share in the bounty the planet can provide abundantly for all of its inhabitants when they cooperate generously and fairly with one another. The time for repressing and controlling vast sections of the world’s population is coming to an end.

For eons humanity has been struggling with itself as the vast majority of you have identified very strongly with your physically defined gender, not realizing or understanding that spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally everyone is a combination of genders, female and male, and that for balanced human development both genders must be honored in each individual. Initial awareness of this requirement only surfaced within the last one hundred years or so, and then gained enormous momentum in the last thirty as your modern psychology attempted to delve deeply into the soul of humanity to gain greater understanding of male/female dynamics. The knowledge gained has astounded many, especially those unwilling to countenance the possibility that each individual contains aspects of the opposite sex that need to be respected and allowed to develop.

It is this acceptance of both gender aspects within all individuals that is allowing and encouraging the essential changes in attitude that will enable humanity to live in peace and harmony with itself in the approaching new age. Homophobia is basically a fear in men of their female aspect that they think makes them weak or psychologically castrates them. It is an ancient fear that is dissolving, and it is generally far less intense in those born after about 1970. The acceptance and honoring of both gender aspects that make up a human being is one of many factors enabling your spiritual development to move ahead and lead you towards awakening.

Honor the variety of gender aspects you observe in yourselves and in others, remembering that you are all perfect divine beings, and that divisive confrontational behavior is part of the illusion and does not exist in Reality.

With so very much love, Saul.

Source:  John Smallman

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