“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

— Theodore Roosevelt

SaLuSa, June 1, 2011

As you know already, there are changes in the process of happening in the Middle East and the people’s willpower and intent to achieve their aims will carry them forward to success. In the West the same energies are active, and beginning to move the people towards insisting on changes that will remove the blight on their lives caused by the banking crisis. Such energies begin to snowball and once a certain momentum is reached, there is no stopping the outcome. You shall see the beginning of a new era that will propel you onto the path that can only lead to Ascension. It has been building up for a long time, and very little is required to really get it under way. We shall have a hand in that as you have called upon us for help. We cannot always do as you wish, but in this instance it can be considered as part of our plan. Much work is being carried out to bring matters to a conclusion, and as usual our focus is on disclosure.

Although some dark forces are stubbornly resisting our call for a cessation of their activities, others are beginning to the sense the defeat they are facing and as you might say, are going quietly. Our main concern is to get them out of the way, so that our allies can push ahead with re-organization and the introduction of new policies. Now each week that goes by is so important, as outside help is on the increase where the incoming energies are concerned. June is to be a particularly good month and gradually more of you will notice the upliftment in your levels of consciousness. Consequently more energy becomes grounded and is of general benefit to all of the population. There is no doubt that many more souls are now stirring and awakening to the Light that is permeating the planet. These changes will also benefit you inasmuch that they are softening the need for more dramatic physical changes. In this respect, much that could have taken place with chaotic results is now reduced in its potency.

Never forget Dear Ones, that you hold the key to much that is yet to occur as you are still projecting your vision of how the future will work out. Continue to see events as being more moderate than originally anticipated, and you will be pleasantly surprised as to how much influence and power you have. Pour your Light out upon the Earth where hotspots exist, and surround with Light those individuals who still promote covert operations against the people. It will have an affect however small, that could change the direction the Earth has been going into. Whilst all of this is taking place, we will be doing our bit to bring about situations that will bring us more into the public eye. We continue to work hard to bring peace in all areas of the world, by protecting our allies and influencing those who are supporting such a cause. In fact there are considerably more groups now working towards that goal. However, we need the backing of your leaders, and many now agree in principle with our aims. They know that your civilization cannot move forward unless total peace is established. To that end we play our part by preventing any escalation of the present skirmishes that are occurring.

If you could only feel what it is like to experience real peace along with the energy that accompanies it, you would be demanding an end to hostilities everywhere and the removal of anything that aided the war effort. In rare moments you might experience it, but we are talking about a permanent state of being. People would come together in the Light and Love, and fear which moves along the corridors of power would disappear. Trust and honesty would be taken for granted, as there would be no point in being otherwise. We can tell you that this idyllic state will be yours to enjoy in the immediate future, but help it manifest now by being one who practices such a way of life.

Your media promotes many negative attitudes through its concentration on conflicts and confrontation between people. The military killing machine is also sold in games formats for entertainment, and aimed at young people whose psyche has yet to be established. It is anaesthetizing their senses and feelings to accept such conditions as normal, that are diminishing their feelings of love and compassion for others. War is far from fun, and the reality of it can be seen in those serving who have become mentally damaged and destabilized. Can you see how you are being changed into unfeeling and uncompassionate Beings? We can only ask that you look again at what you do for entertainment, and turn to pleasure and enjoyment that is self-uplifting. Otherwise your minds will become so distorted and unbalanced you will not know your true selves any longer.

These are times to be introspective and make up your mind as to what you really want to be. The opportunity to ascend will lift you up into those peaceful realms that are utter beauty and of a peace that knows no equal. If that is what you want, break out of the mindset that has resulted from being indoctrinated by the dark Ones. Do not accept their fear-laden pronouncements and acts to frighten you into submission. In reality you have nothing to fear except fear itself, so tread the path of Light with your head held high and see nothing but the goodness around you. By focusing on it you will lift your own vibrations and that of Mother Earth’s, thus helping bring about Ascension. Make it your aim to maintain such a level of consciousness, and you will be doing so much good although you will have little knowledge of it. Trust that all will be well and according to the Divine Plan, as it will ensure that you reach the end time fully prepared for your own Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and when we say you are our brothers and sisters there is more truth in that than many of you may believe. We have been close to you for eons of time, helping your transition from the lowly form you had in the past to Homo Sapiens. Some extraterrestrials have tried to keep you down but we have intervened to help you evolve, and many of you now stand ready to take the final steps to become fully conscious Beings. We have not done it alone as other civilizations of the Galactic Federation have also played their part. You now have a suitable body ready to accept physical changes, that will see you fully uplifted into the higher vibrations. If we may say, you are indeed fine specimens of human form and have proved their worth through many lives.

Source:    Galactic Channelings – Mike Quinsey

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