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Wanderer of the Skies – May 31, 2011

Greetings from the Federation:

We come with important news for you today. We wish to activate that message we sent to you long ago. When most of the world’s light workers were much younger than they are now, they received a downloaded message sent in the form of iconic imagery, that they knew was of singular importance to them even if they did not know why. That message was interpreted by a great majority of you as a long pipeline, similar to an oil pipeline, with many valves controlled by wheels that turned on and off the flow. The image was one of being ready to “do your part” by turning the right wheel to allow the flow at just the right time and in synchronicity with all other wheels turning up and down the line, so the flow was even and smooth. Some of you interpreted this iconic imagery slightly differently, but the message was the same. Some of you have forgotten that message, so we “remind” you now to awaken you in these last “moments” before the disclosure process begins and shuttles in a whirlwind of activity that will ultimately lead to ascension.

Expect several major displays of multiple hundreds of “lighted orb” type sightings in several major cities across Europe and North and Central America in the next several weeks. We are “testing” several appearance patterns we intend to use after hard disclosure and this is in preparation for that.

We have been monitoring HAARP usage by the Illuminati and state our warning that such intentional misuses as has been ongoing and planned will no longer be tolerated. Mid-west America must be left alone from this onslaught, and further use, even under the guise of “testing,” is no longer an option.

We have reopened our discussions in our own councils on our own disclosure of photos and videos of our various species to you, but again no consensus has been achieved. We will continue to push for such a resolution as we deem it imperative to the overall process.

We very much enjoy your thoughts and feelings of love being beamed to us and are in awe of your ability to remain optimistic in light of the issues presenting themselves to you on a daily basis. Please know that we are with you in these moments. Keep smiling, keep loving, and be always compassionate, as these will force those of lesser intentions away from you.

Be at peace.

Source:  Galactic Channelings – Wanderer of the Skies

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