When we send out positive, loving thoughts , caring thoughts. They gather energy, its a good thought , its a good and powerful energy, mingles and mixes with energies of its own kind, reaches its goal and comes back to us.

— Rosemary Altea

Wanderer of the Skies, May 21, 2011

Greetings from the Federation:

There is much talk of a “rapture” to occur in your world today. It is not to be. But do not look contemptuously or with disdain at those who would put forth this view. They are simply misinformed. Indeed, our dear Light workers, there are those who would look the same way to you for the messages you put forth to help others. Rather, see this for what it is. These souls cannot help but feel the same energy that is pouring into your world that you can. They simply interpret it according to their ideological framework.

Know that matters are moving along very quickly now. The disaster expected to be implemented by the dark ones has been averted. Reason has prevailed, to some extent. They are now seeing that off world is their only avenue of escape, for justice will be swift once the process begins to unfold. They are like a spoiled child who finally cannot get its way. They would rather implode than come to reason.

We understand that some “back room” dealings have been taking place of late wherein the leaders of several of your developed nations have discussed the best way to make the announcement. They have discussed a joint announcement, similar to your summits and conferences that occur from time to time between your nations. They have also discussed appointing one nation to speak for all, bypassing your United Nations in its authority, despite the fact that this entity would act best in the interests of the human race. This lack of consensus as to what to do has stalled their progress. But they know time grows short, and it appears one of your nation’s leaders is truly going to move forward to take the initial step with or without the blessings of the others.

A natural “disaster” will occur soon, small in impact, that some will attribute to the dark forces, but this is not the case. It is Gaia making shifts to prepare for what is inevitable. Even your mother, at this stage, is doing her best to minimize the shock to you, such is the profound nature of her love for all who inhabit her.

Keep moving forward in Light and Love. Get ready for the joyous events to follow, and know that the “dreams” of a beautiful world are soon to be yours.

Be at peace.

Source:  Galactic Channelings – Wanderer of the Skies

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