Hello my Love, sending much Love and Light your way.
Knowing only love in our hearts will bring Us that much closer to the Light, (dwell there).

Wanderer of the Skies, May 20, 2011

Greetings from the Federation:

We are delighted that we are able to continue these briefings. As we have explained, all is ready now for Disclosure on your end. Your individual governments will be moving along shortly on this. Everyone expects the Americas to lead the way, but we see that their President will “drag his feet” on this issue, fearing physical reprisal for his statements and that, in fact, one of the “Third World” countries will indeed lead the way in this respect, followed quickly by the “Western” nations who will claim Disclosure as their idea.

We have monitored your corporate world as well, which has been informed of this development. They have discussed, at the highest levels of their organizations, ways in which to capitalize on this announcement. They have not, nor can they, understand the Ascension process and how it will alter, forever, the way in which you “do business.” They understand it only from a profit mentality, so they are quickly implementing plans to adopt this new knowledge into their business models. For the short term, they will capitalize on these changes. However, as we then take our rightful places as your family when you are invited to become Cosmic Citizens, “all bets are off” as they say, because we will introduce those changes, through knowledge and technology, that your corporate world will not be able to handle. Indeed, they cannot even prepare for these eventualities.

We see this coming to fruition soon, and it appears that a major announcement is due before the end of June 2011. While not earth shattering, this announcement will pave the way for the scenarios we have prepared for Disclosure and ultimately, Ascension. The nation which chooses this announcement first will lead the way into the future for Mankind, as we will see to it that their bravery is rewarded, so to speak. No nation will be intentionally deprived, however. We foresee, as one of the consequences of Disclosure, the gradual breaking down of national lines in favor of a human race. Do not be mislead, however, as this will not come about quickly. Even Ascension must assimilate, over time, something on that level.

All the plans we have been telling you about will then be set in motion, including the allocation of funds to stabilize the world economy and the world court to bring to justice all those who have transgressed against the human race. As you have seen, a “soft” Disclosure has already been underway for some time. While encouraged by us, it is your government’s choosing as to how, when, and what, is disclosed to you in this way. But that will not be necessary much longer as the “hard” Disclosure planned by your own governments is well underway.

Be positive in all you do. Extend your love to all in the world and know that you are shortly to be called upon to become Cosmic Citizens. We are not your gods, but your brethren.

Be at peace.

Source:  Galactic Channelings – Wanderer of the Skies

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