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Uriel’s Message — Why Are You Being?

Your ‘being’ is the concentration of your energy in a single moment of time and space. Within each moment you express your energy, intention, history, karma, emotions, beliefs, thoughts and actions. These are the ‘what’ of your being and you are either fully aware and conscious of each moment of expression or disconnected, unconscious and unaware of how much control you exert over your reality. The important question in every moment is ‘why’ and to question yourself is to be able to engage the ego in ways that compel it to expand its vision.

Without asking ‘why’, you allow the ego to stay rooted in the past, where it is comfortable and familiar. These questions begin with why you are here, why you are doing these things and why you are at this energetic place in this moment. As soon as you ask ‘why’ you begin the process of creating new outcomes and potentials for your reality. Without this conscious intervention you repeat the past and what you have always known. Remember that the basic elements of life are provided for you, your role in your reality is to expand your consciousness and ascend into higher dimensions of being.

Asking ‘why’ also brings up a great deal of fear, because the answer to the question will lead you to new paradigms that you must then create. When your present reality is questioned you are aware of all areas that are not fulfilling or do not serve your needs and you must step out of them, into new avenues of potential that are unknown and without precedent. Asking ‘why’ allows you to create new vibrations. Then you must determine whether you are willing to expand your vision for your reality and be prepared to acknowledge your own fears, for they are visible to you when you can question yourself, your intention, your motivations and find the courage to enable transformation to become possible. When you ask ‘why’ you indicate to yourself that you are ready for transformation to occur in that moment.

Do you have the courage to become a higher aspect of that which you know is possible beyond what you see in this moment? Ask why you are being, in this moment, this expression, this energy, these emotions and have created this experience. Your life is an unfolding process of expanding your vision of yourself and of the world. This is possible when you are willing to question yourselves on every level and be open to a new vision for your reality. The world can know peace when all of humanity questions polarity. Each one can know love when all of humanity questions fear. And heaven can exist when all of humanity desires to move beyond the material world and open the door to co-creation with Spirit.

© Jennifer Hoffman

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