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Mira: The Entire Force of Creation is Here to Help Us

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through
Valerie Donner, May 14, 2011

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I come to you today with love and healing for we see that you are in the thick of it. The dark forces have been relentless in how they are treating humanity. They know that their days on the Earth are limited. They are trying to take as much as they can from you before losing all of their power. It is an unraveling process. As they are being blasted with the Light they are still trying to squeeze out as much as they can from you.

Whether it is by spreading fear, greed, lack, violence, or poisonous thoughts and messages sent to humanity, the battle between the Light and dark is in full speed. You are the pillars of Light that assist in stabilizing the planet and her people. We assist you along the way. We monitor the planet both in space, on the surface as well as in the inner Earth. We all work together cohesively with other members of the space family and Light Realms. We are as busy as you and are as committed as you to the cause.

Right now we want to comfort you. We want you to know that you have the entire Force of Creation with you to usher you and the Earth into a new way of being. You are loved and protected, guided and healed. We need you just as much as you need us.

From our vantage point there are treacherous areas around the planet that need extra focus of the Light. Many of you are guided where to direct your prayers and Light energy. Always follow this guidance. We ask you to also continue to send Light to Japan; the nuclear reactors are still in jeopardy. The truth is not being told in the media. Please send such energies to all places of nuclear energy around the planet to strengthen them and the many fault lines upon which they are constructed.

The areas of Australia, New Zealand, the Gulf of Mexico, all of the coastal areas around the planet, the ocean floor, China, the West coast and East Coast of the United States, and Mexico could use strengthening with your love and Light. We work with you to stabilize situations and you are the pivotal points of Light transcendence.

The climate and weather changes are also producing insecurity and unknown anxiety amongst the populace. We can tell you though that nature does take care of itself and will adjust and adapt accordingly. You may not like it but you will too. Every place on the Earth is going through this adaptation process. It is a necessary one that facilitates the Earth’s cleansing. In the end, humanity will have greater respect of the Earth and nature.

As the Light continues to shine upon you the truth becomes enhanced. At a certain break point all secrets will be revealed. You will see some empires crumble and wrongs will be corrected for the benefit of humanity. This will be a time of reconciliation on many levels. We watch with keen awareness of this process that is now in full swing. Our view of the corruption would be more than your minds could comprehend. You will know that we are saying when the time is right for the revelations to come out.

You are living in the accelerated energies of ascension. These energies are interwoven as threads towards a new civilization on planet Earth. From now on there is much that will be happening at breakneck speed. You must stay grounded and in the Light.

We are with you. You are blessed and loved.

I am Mira.

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