What you see depends on what you’re looking for.

— Anonymous

To rejoice is the only activity that makes any sense

Humanity is at a most important stage in its awakening process.  In time – which, as many have shown you, is illusory – you have been asleep and experiencing fear, pain, suffering, general misery, and unhappiness for far too long.  When you chose to build the illusion, in the moment that you made the decision to go ahead with it, your Father, knowing how much distress it would cause you, instantly provided the antidote, the cure.  This ensures that you cannot damage yourselves and that the way back to Reality, eternal union with Him, is instantly available to you as soon as you choose, as you undoubtedly will, to become aware and allow the illusion to dissolve, showing you that you are, as you always have been and will be, eternally at Home with Him.

The time you have spent pretending to be separate from Him and alone in the illusion seems to have been interminable, because being one with Him is your natural blissful state, and any other state, even if it could exist, could only be extremely painful.  You are eternally one with God in divine perfection.  To attempt to imagine or build any other state could only cause you pain, which is what you have been experiencing.  The good news is that the illusion is illusory, and you cannot fail to awaken as it dissolves and is gone.  You are divinely taken care of because you are divinely loved, and you are infinitely protected from harm.

To rejoice is the only activity that makes sense; any other, were it possible, would only disturb your eternal state of happiness.  But your eternal state of happiness cannot be disturbed, and your only sane option, therefore, is to rejoice. To rejoice is to acknowledge your oneness with God, from Whom separation is impossible.  By so doing you intensify and strengthen humanity’s awakening process, which is driven by your Father’s Love for you and yours for Him.  Your unfolding understanding of this is making it apparent to you that He loves all of His creation, without exception, and that consequently so must you.  This awareness is spreading rapidly, and the illusory barriers that you built to separate yourselves from one another in an irrational attempt to protect yourselves are starting to disintegrate.  Yes, there are some who would maintain and strengthen them, but the insanity of that attitude is becoming ever clearer to all.

You are all one with your heavenly Father, and any attempts to build barriers to separate those you judge as good (God’s chosen ones) from those you judge as evil (the ones He would, in your opinion, condemn to hell) makes no sense whatever.  Judging the egoic agendas of others as wrong and your own as righteous only serves to demonstrate the total inadequacy of your ability to see clearly, let alone understand what you did when you imagined the illusion, pretended that it existed, and then chose to reside there.

The separation from God and from one another that you attempted to create could only cause you pain, because “to be separate from” means “to not know,” and what you do not know you fear and mistrust.  This is what you have been experiencing for eons in the illusion, and the insanity of it all is finally getting your attention.  It is becoming increasingly obvious that what you are experiencing must be some kind of intensely sick joke.  There is no way it could be Real!  Only God and His infinite Love, of which you are all essential elements, is Real.  Nothing else exists or makes the slightest sense.  So, rejoice!  You cannot fail to awaken into Reality, that divine state of eternal harmony and bliss in which you exist permanently, without interruption.

With so very much love, Saul.

Source:  John Smallman

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