A mind devoted to universal truths cannot be fooled by manipulators posing as leaders & teachers.

— Philip Arnold

God does not override your will

As humanity awaits expectantly for the great event of its awakening and the dissolution of the illusion in which it has hidden and disguised itself for so long, God’s Love is enveloping you with increasing strength and intensity as its magnificence, peace, and compassion becomes irresistible for you. Once you allow yourselves to start experiencing the Love which enfolds you constantly and eternally, all your doubts and anxieties will fall away, as will your fear of awakening into the brilliant Light of divine Reality.

You have been hoping and praying for this return to Reality, your awakening from this traumatic nightmare for eons, and your prayers and hopes have always been heard and responded to instantly, as soon as you uttered them. The reason that this has not appeared to be the case is that you were terrified that God was a very stern Father Who could never forgive you for all the terrible sins you thought that you had committed.

For you the illusion seems absolutely real, a place other than God’s Heaven where execrable sins of an appalling nature are forever being committed in defiance of His Will. How could you possibly be forgiven for this constant unacceptable behavior? Obviously you could not, and so you were doomed to experience pain and suffering without relief for the foreseeable future which stretches out interminably before you.

The intense conflict that you hold within yourselves between your hope for God’s Love and a return to His Presence to enjoy eternal life, and your belief in your unutterable sinfulness, has made it practically impossible for you to consider approaching Him to seek that Love which you so desperately need and desire. But God and His Love for you is all that exists. Everything else is illusory, built by you in your fear, and forever crumbling and collapsing, despite your most strenuous efforts to maintain it, back into the nothingness from which you made it. Now the rate of decay exceeds your ability to rebuild it, and this is adding to your state of almost constant anxiety.

However the ongoing dissolution of the illusion is giving you brief glimpses, through the cracks that are appearing in it as the dust of its dissolution clears briefly in the wind, of the wonders that await you when its disintegration is complete. Nevertheless many of you are still attempting to repair and rebuild it, but the fear that encourages you in this activity is weakening rapidly. God does not override your will, so it is up to you to stop your rebuilding and support operations in ineffectual efforts to maintain the illusion. Its time is past, and all around you are signs that this is so. Your collective fear is falling away, and you are beginning to recognize with joy and wonder the image of God in one another.

Your awakening is divinely assured, and you are finally becoming aware of this. The inevitability of this wonderful event is becoming apparent to most of you and intensifying the the rate at which your belief in and support for the illusion dissolves.

You have, it seems, been traveling on a long, arduous, and endless journey through a waste land filled with despair, misery and suffering. Now that imaginary, but extremely convincing journey is drawing to a close as you make the collective decision to awaken into the glorious Light of Reality, your eternal Home that in truth you have never left . Boundless joy will soon be yours as your eyes open and behold all the wonders that are God’s eternal and indestructible gifts to you, stored up for you since the moment you dreamed of separation and closed your eyes on Heaven, to be revealed to you once more in all their divine glory when you chose to return from the illusion. Rejoice! That moment is approaching.

With so very much love, Saul.

Source: John Smallman

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